What happened to "your answer"?

I know I’m way, way behind on this, but Memrise used to show the answer you typed in when you got a word wrong. This was really helpful, because sometimes I just mangled the word totally, but sometimes I just missed a single letter in a long word and it isn’t obvious which one – especially without my answer in front of me.

This seemed like not only a useful feature, but a harmless one: who could object to it? Yet it went away some months ago, and I’ve been missing it ever since.

I definitely still does this for me - are you on the Early Access for the new version? ie this might be something that has been ‘improved’ ?

That is possible. I try to avoid major updates for this reason, but I might have gotten it while not paying attention. How do I tell? In Settings, it says my version is 2023.07.25.0 – which sounds ominously new.

Have a search for ‘Early Access’, there should be quite some info re what it is/does, and how to turn it off if needed (sorry, slightly hampered by only being on the phone)

If you see a dark bar across the top on the web, you’ll be on the “classic version”, and there should be a button “Memrise Courses” (localised to whatever source language you use). Clicking that button will take you to “Early Access”

If you are using “Early Access” the landing page should be all white. Near the top left you should see a dropdown sporting your currently selected language. Upon clicking it, you’ll find the option “Community Courses” (again, localised) which will take you back to the “classic version”.

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Okay, thank you. I am apparently on the old version. Which means I don’t know why I have lost the “your answer” part when I answer a question incorrectly.

Make sure you use Chrome or Firefox, these seem to work best. Also try and hard-refresh (Ctrl-F5) the website and, if that doesn’t help, → empty your browser-cache.

Thanks for your help. I mostly use Memrise on my phone app, so browser changes aren’t going to help.

Sorry if my answer was misleading - while I use the Android app most of the time, I rarely do typing tests. Instead, I do speed reviews most of the time so I don’t recall having come across this.

FWIW, during speed reviews, you won’t get any feedback for wrong answers other than the red marker, the app doesn’t even play the audio of the correct answer. And I reckon it has been like that for a long time, probably at least 2 or 3 years.

You’re answer wasn’t misleading, it just didn’t solve my problem. :slight_smile: I appreciate that you took the time to answer, however.

For those who have a hard time believing I’m not seeing my answer, here’s a screenshot of the answer for a question I missed, my response clearly not present anywhere.