What happened to the course I was taking? And how do I contact Memrise by phone?

(Abelragen) #1

The course I have been taking for months, “All the Vocabulary from Wheelock’s Latin—with Macrons” has disappeared overnight. Not only is all my progress gone, the course is nowhere to be found. There are other Latin courses, even other courses related to Wheelock’s Latin, but NOT THE ONE I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON!

I want to know what is happening. And I would like to talk to a human being about that. So why is no phone number displayed anywhere I can find them on the contact pages? This sort of treatment of paying customers simply will not do!

(ApolloNexus) #2

the maker of the course obviously has deleted the course, maybe he had no time to update it or not enough people where learning it, and I don’t think you can talk to memrise over the phone, only E-mail

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

Oh my goodness! That must be unbelievably frustrating!

But, sadly, if it is the case that the original course creator has deleted the database (by accident, perhaps?), then I don’t think there will be much that the memrise team will be able to do.

Have you tried contacting the course creator him/herself?

The “delete this database” button frightens the pants off me and it can sometimes be awfully easy to get near to it :frowning:

And there is no way to contact memrise by phone. There are hundreds and thousands of people who use the memrise courses. Can you imagine what would happen if they had a phoneline??? They would be inundated with calls. The memrise team is quite small and the app and web version of memrise are FREE and the majority of memrise users take advantage of this. It is not suprising that they don’t have a phone number available, given these factors.

But they will reply to you if you send a message to them, so give it a try.

(Baite) #4

I think it would be horrible if that happened to me!

That is very true. At the same time, paying users also bring thousands and tens of thousands of dollars of revenue in.

With ‘Quizlet’ you can actually copy and course and make it that way your own - then the original cannot delete the course where you are working on. I have tried their site, and it is good too. Memrise gives their spatial repetition learning away for free - at Quizlet it’s part of the payed part. However, I am a paying member here too - learning a language is a serious business, and given the time I spend on it is worth the money.

Your experience makes me think - maybe I should switch to Quizlet, because loosing my past work (progress history, and most important: which words were difficult for and I still need to study) are quite invaluable.

I’d love a feature where students will keep access to a course that get deleted (though no new learnerswill be accepted) and where the students can add changes to the course, that will be just unique to that specific student. Think about notes, alternate translations of a word, or not to forget, correction. If the original course maker is not willing to add corrections, but the course is otherwise very good, any student has only two options:

  • live the mistakes, which doesn’t serve anybody and doesn’t make life better
  • create their own course (which would defeat the purpose of Memrise’ idea that users can build on each other courses)
    It makes perfect sense to me, but probably require a lot of careful programming.

How do we actually communicate feature request to Memrise?

Acutally you can e-mail Memrise for support, although that is not as quick as taling on the phone. <tickets@memrise.uservoice.com

There is also a webform at http://feedback.memrise.com/knowledgebase - at the right hand column, a little down is a link ''Did not find an answer to your question? Contact us"

Hope this helps; I asked them once for help and they responded within 72 hours.

(Siobhanki) #5

Hi abelragen :slight_smile: I’ve been learning with this course for 3 weeks now, and am very frustrated that it appears to have disappeared. I emailed memrise yesterday, to ask what’s happened, and am awaiting a response. The course creator is called “I am china person”, if I recall correctly, but I don’t know how to do a username search. I’m hoping the course will miraculously reappear.
Out of interest, do you know if it’s possible to assign the macron vowels to keys, rather than having to stop typing and click on the vowel? Best wishes, Siobhan

(Overlord Hydroptère) #6

some very good, not copy pasted courses are made by learners like you and me; I don’t find it right that a company should offer you the option to copy and use as you wish the work of other people for some lilltle money/for free, just because you want so. (At least one could make the effort of manouvering some scripts/some other “unorthodox” methods etc - there are plenty of them out there)

for notes/translations/etc you can use paper and pen or some other IT gimmicks

any freemium site come with its risks. I am willing to accept lost progres, in exchange for carefully crafted user content (and there is plenty of it in here, one has just to spend some good hours in finding it :unamused: - an improved search function, that would be a great feature, after they took down the drop down menu in there)

(Ichigo Smof) #7

paying users might bring in money, but the courses are sometimes made by people who are not paid, so they can’t be forced to keep their course online
course makers can be dissatisfied with the quality of the course

(Memrise Matty) #8


Although course creators can chose to delete their courses (which would remove it from your learning list) in this case, the course “Wheelock’s Latin with Macrons” was in breach of Memrise’s terms & conditions (Copyright Infringement).


You warrant and represent that any User Content you do Post is either yours or you have the necessary permission from the relevant third party to Post the User Content."


Unfortunately the creator of the course did not have the relevant permissions to post content on behalf of “Wheelock’s Latin”. For this reason, the course was removed.

I hope this clarify’s things.

(Siobhanki) #9

Just received this reply from memrise:

"It seems like the course “Wheelock’s Latin with Macrons” was in breach of Memrise’s terms and conditions, specifically:


You warrant and represent that any User Content you do Post is either yours or you have the necessary permission from the relevant third party to Post the User Content."

So it’s gone for good :frowning:

(Baite) #10

Good point. Only when creators know and agree to make their work available for free. This could be part of the terms and conditions of the Memrise community.

Of course, everyone is free not to share - the memrise courses have a ‘private’ option for that.

One of the main points of Memrise is that we can build on each other’s work. My idea is that we don’t need to copy other people’s work, but can build on it (my earlier post is indeed not correct on that point).

As a learner I’d like to share my wordlist with other students in the same of similar courses - that way we can grow together, and that is why I use tools and sites like Memrise. If I couldn’t share and other’s wouldn’t be willing to share with me, I would not be able to use this kind of tools.

For example a new student studies a certain course, and needs add some words and to edit a few spelling mistakes. So that new student created ‘study template’ (let’s call it a template), which consists only out of reference to the original course (i.e a kind of link saying ‘I want to study all levels of course XYZ’) plus his own additions and spelling updates.

Now, when the ‘new student’ studies the course, the Memrise study engine reads that new course template. The student in fact studies all the items straight from the original course, while is own additions are added.

This is very useful when maybe the course creator is not interested in any changes or corrections. Or doesn’t support the course anymore because they moved to other business. And in cases when the additions are very personal . In that case I’d like to have course that tests all the items from the original

(Abelragen) #11

This link should help with the macrons: http://www.personal.psu.edu/ejp10/psu/gotunicode/macron.html

(Siobhanki) #12

Hiya, thanks for the link. I’ve been using the alt number code approach but it doesn’t seem to work in memrise.

If you go to the wheelockslatin website, you can download, for free, all of the audio files that were used by the memrise course that’s been pulled. Maybe listening to it whilst doing chores might keep your vocabulary fresh?

(k.langedyk2020) #13

Hi everyone,
I know I am very late to this, but I too had been taking the Wheelocks vocab course for 2 years, since I am learning Latin in high school. I was super frustrated when it disappeared :frowning: Since then, I have been working to re-create the course for everyone who was taking it. I’m still working on it (I still have to make 9 more chapters and then have to import audio files from the Wheelocks website), but if you would like to check it out I have made it public. And also, if you find any mistakes, please let me know :slight_smile:

(Xvg11) #14

@k.langedyk2020 I don’t know if you saw MemriseMatty’s post earlier in the thread, but I think your recreating this deleted course is a waste of effort.

Matty said that Memrise removed the course because it was posted without having permission from the book’s copyright owner.

Therefore, unless you have somehow obtained the permission from the copyright owner, your course will probably be deleted too, now that you’ve made it public, because the text from the book and the audio files are both protected by copyright, and the publisher doesn’t want them posted here.

(k.langedyk2020) #15

I was not aware of this. Thank you for the information. I have taken down the course and now it is “unlisted” so I think i’ll be safe using it solely for my own purpose and not that of the public.

(Xvg11) #16

You should be okay using it as a private course for your own personal use, as that’s generally permitted by copyright laws. Publishers generally only object to people who copy and distribute their works to the public at large. Good luck with your studies. :slight_smile:

(k.langedyk2020) #17

Thank you so much for the info, I really appreciate your help in saving me from lots of potential frustration. :slight_smile:

(Willlow) #18

Hi, I have a similiar question. If I create a course just privat for me, unlisted, and I upload pictures with copyright, would this be ok, because nobody else can see it? Or is it already forbidden, because I upload them?