What happened to A2/B1 etc... levels replaced with 1 to 7?

Hey community,

I’m a little confused, I just finished the A2 German - Beyond Beginners, it took me a while and I was going to get the B1 by memrise, but now I can’t find these anymore, it’s just level 1 to 7. I tried 7 but it’s quite hard but level 6 is just repeating so many words from the A2… where can I find them ? or how do I know which one to use ?

Thanks for your help !

Memrise staff has reorganized their FAQ support section.
Oh I had found it again (it was removed before): https://memrise.helpshift.com/a/memrise-learn-a-new-language/?l=en&s=getting-started&f=can-i-change-my-course-learning-difficulty&p=all

You might have to start user-created courses to learn for higher B1-B2 levels.


Thank you so much for your answers, it’s a lot more clear now and I have links to research a bit more !

Cheers and keep learning :slight_smile: