What does deactivated user mean?

Hi I’ve noticed that in a few courses it says, course created by deactivated user does anyone know what this means and if you do please could you inform me of the meaning thanks.

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I believe it is quite self-explanatory; the original creator of the course has - since creating the course in question - deleted / deactivated their Memrise account.


Hi @Em135877,

Often although a course shows the creator is no longer around, it may be supported by a Contributor.

Hopefully their ‘name’ will show in the full web description, but you can also check if there is a [Course Forum] for it.

Do you have any courses as examples?

If not, and if you are interested, you can create a [Course Forum] for the course, then ask to become a Contributor to look after it.

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yes its just I thought that possibly the user had for example not been allowed to use the app anymore for different purposes