What do you think of the new memrise Swedish courses?

I have just discovered that memrise have now also created Swedish courses!!!

Has anybody tried using them?

What do you think of them?

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They are ok. Very basic.

I don’t like how they lump words together. For example din, ditt, and dina. They only pronounce the first word and the explanation of them would probably not be helpful to someone who was completely new to Swedish.

I do like the audio on the Swedish one.

Thanks for replying to my questions, WildSage!

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You are welcome.

I have really like the Swedish courses. The woman on the Memrise course speaks way too fast, especially as you move into Swedish 2. I understand the importance of hearing how some letters are dropped and pronounced differently from the spelling. But it has gotten to the point that entire words are not spoken. I may need to abandon Swedish 2.


Not being able to slow down the audio makes it odd when you are doing an Audio exercise. It’s pretty annoying when they are asking you to type what is being said then you get marked wrong for not including the words being left out. I’ve noticed this in other courses as well. I keep wondering if they just have the audio synced wrong.

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If the audio is wrong like you say. You have to report it.It happened to me, no such words were said, which I had to type. I made a screenshot and they took the wrong audio out


If is is “skulle vilja” which is missing, it is actually not missing from the audio, that’s how it is pronounced sadly. It is not absolutely dropped though, some sort of “llja” sound remains of it, if you listen very carefully.

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I know, yes a year later on this and I may make a separate topic, buy I don’t like that it is “east coast” Swedish. Maybe could have opted for a rikssvenska alternative or addition to audio (like male and female in Korean). When hearing them say “ja” for the first time and it sounds like [awh] and “jag” drops the g sounding like “ja” should is confusing for those I’m guiding through the app course.