What did just happen to the filter on the dashboard page?

  • The filter button on top of the dashboard page just disappeared (while I was learning some words). Upon reloading the page the filter button is visible for a brief moment and then disappears again. I can’t click on anything in that area.

  • This is on the latest Firefox and Edge. Also with userscripts disabled.


It’s not just me, then! It was there as normal earler today.

I’m now seeing the same as you. The filter button shows for a split-second then disappears. The only way I can navigate between subjects is via my profile page. It’s the same on both Firefox and Chrome.

@MemriseSupport - Could you take a look please?


Absolutely the same thing. The filter-batton disapears and i can’t go to my french courses. Chrome, if it helps.

Hi all, thanks for reporting this. Our team are aware of this and are working on a fix, which should be with you asap. :slight_smile:



All done for you. Everything should be working fine now.

If anyone has any more issues, be sure to send them our way!

James on Web


Thank you!

Thanks! Everything is OK!