What are your most favorite quotes?

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Have you met the ugly?

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Hey I’m just wondering is article 13 going to affect this topic

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Got a quote:
True luck is when you get a very close call which would take 1 out of 1000s:
At least I got past the 2.9 mill.

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It is good for 20 secs, but if I had over 10 hours it could of been like this:

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I seriously doubt article 13 would do much here

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Oh yeah:
I MADE IT PAST THE 3 MILL MARK!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::yum:

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Well you’re lucky, because I was going to send my typo monsters at you:

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Picasso would be jealous

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Congrats on becoming a regular @TobyDoodler!

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Woohoo! Just achieved 1 million on Korean 1.