What are your most favorite quotes?

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Have you met the ugly?

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Hey I’m just wondering is article 13 going to affect this topic

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Got a quote:
True luck is when you get a very close call which would take 1 out of 1000s:
At least I got past the 2.9 mill.

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It is good for 20 secs, but if I had over 10 hours it could of been like this:

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I seriously doubt article 13 would do much here

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Oh yeah:
I MADE IT PAST THE 3 MILL MARK!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::yum:

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Well you’re lucky, because I was going to send my typo monsters at you:

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Picasso would be jealous

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Congrats on becoming a regular @TobyDoodler!

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Woohoo! Just achieved 1 million on Korean 1.


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Keep this flowing

Not problem for me. :man_artist:

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Well Done! :partying_face:
I hope to get a million on my Periodic Table course.

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Which course would that be? The Hutchinson one?

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I was just on it before I received your post. I have 700k on it

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For some reason, something about taking your own course seems a little narcissistic, lol. Sad thing is, I did enough on the Hutchinson course that I do know them by heart, now (and without that stupid song…). There’s a useless skill for someone in my profession right there.

Good luck with that final three hundred k : )

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And what does


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…uh, self-involved. Wasn’t being mean, was just amused. I suppose, at the end of the day, the course creator thing can be used for making your own wordlists for whatever you want to remember, so not that bad to take your own course. Just feels a little odd, aye?

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Anyway that song works:

I’ve listened to that song a billion times and the full table’s stuck like SuperGlue