What are your methods to memorize anything?

I am curious as to how users on this site use memory techniques to store a lot of information in their head. I have seen a few videos on memory masters like Ed Cooke, but I want to know what techniques you (the reader) use that you find effective. I am simply trying to remain open minded about techniques so I can test them out for myself for a big final coming up soon.

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My first post here so Hi : ) I know this is an old topic, but it has no answers yet. It is a good question. I have just learnt about ‘pegging’ and finding it useful. Basically you attach items you want to remember to the rhyme ’ one, two, buckle my shoe.’ For instance, one is a bun, so if you want to remember a musical item, you could imagine a bun crammed full of crotchets. I am a beginner at memory training so this is probably child’s play to many.
I am interested in learning more but I’m not sure which course to take re memory. Remembering cards is not really me. I am intrigued by the term ‘memory palace’ though.


I assume your big final is over now, but if you want to get into memroization techniques, I recommend the book “Memo” by Oddbjorn By. It has easy techniques that’ll allow you to memorize anything from pi with a thousand digits to say a thousand words in a new language. You can get the book at a public libary.


I know this is rather late, but here are some methods I learned and use often…

  1. Flashcards!
    pros: I use the learning function on Quizlet. It really helps me to remember things. Index card ones are very helpful too.
    cons. Sometimes I can’t resist looking at the other side for the answer…
  2. Songs:
    pros: Songs really help me to remember things. Like how you memorized the alphabet? I memorized all the states of the US and their capitals with a song.
    cons: when you want to know just one piece of information that you memorized, you have to go through the whole song just to find that bit.
  3. Connections:
    Sometimes connecting things you want to memorize to different things help you remember them.
    For example, you think a certain word sounds like a something else. Or make up a story using the words you need to memorize! Just use the words like what they sound like.
  4. Acronyms:
    pros: Similar to abbreviations, they’re fun to make up :slight_smile:
    cons: Sometimes you just can’t remember what that A stands for…

There are much much more out there. Those are the ones I use the most right now. Hope they help!

  1. I use a wordbook and copy every new word/sentence/Kanji I learn. Left side is Italian, right side is Japanese. (I’m learning these 2 languages) I can read this wordbook in my bed before sleeping, I find it very useful.

  2. Memrise to the max. Do all the daily goals and revise all the earlier courses. There are many things I always do wrong, but one day they click, and from then they will be automatic. (You will still make a lot for wrong choices because the same sentences are written different in different courses)

  3. After a few months I became able to memorize words just by doing the daily 15min goals.


Very interesting technique. I am going to use it for my Marketing midterm coming up. Thank you Lesley.

That so cool, I’m going to order it today. Much appreciated

I used all your methods. I definitely found connections to be the most useful for me. Thank you for the post

Two languages at the same time, thats some real talent. Your methods are interesting. I will give them a try.

I know it’s very old but both this thread and the one below are excellent.