What are the little numbers?

Hi everybody I’m Dr. Bill and I’m learning Polish from Hawaii.

One thing I wonder each time I go into my vocab deck is, what are the little numbers with the icons for each activity?

For example right now it says Review(49), Difficult(3)


This means you have 49 words/phrases due for review. There are 3 more that were marked as difficult. After you review all of them, the number will disappear.

You might have to do a couple sessions with the difficult items to strenghten all of them to the point that they aren’t considered difficult anymore. They should then show up with regular review items in the future.

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Ok, thank you for explaining what is going on, that’s useful.

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Hey are you an actual Dr.?

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I am a doctor of philosophy. Whether that is an actual doctor is completely up to you.

Yup real doctor.