What am I getting wrong in pronunciation

It would be helpful if the app could tell you what is wrong in the pronunciation activities, especially in phrases, but also for words. It can get frustrating when you think you are saying a word or phrase correctly but the app says your wrong. I’ve struggled with a few, to me it sounds the same as the spoken example, to my husband it sounded the same, but it still said I was wrong and I don’t know why so don’t know what to fix.

Hi @trudylcrawford25,

Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please let us know the course this occurs on and which items/words in particular?

We are aware of a bug (internal code PLAT-7316) whereby pronunciation fails to pick up some items on certain course, so we’d love to look into this further.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Memrise team

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Thank you for reaching out! The course is Italian Level 3. There is only one word that I can remember distinctly having difficulty with: la Scozia. I know in Level 1 I also had issue with puoi ripetere, per favore? Any other issues are usually in phrases, and I’m pretty sure I’m mispronouncing something, but am unsure what.

For the record, the pronunciation has gotten much better. I remember when I first started using the app, if there was a phrase longer than three words it would always say I was wrong, but that doesn’t happen any more.



I also have this problem for Dutch, in particular with words that have the g sound. I’m assuming it is the g that I’m pronouncing wrong, but it also happens sometimes for other words like hoe, where I can’t understand what I’m getting wrong (I’m pronouncing it more like hoo, which I believe is correct and is what the app sounds like).
It would be good if it could highlight which words are mis-pronounced, and ideally even which part of the word.
Also would be good to have lessons on how to pronounce something, particularly for difficult sounds that do not exist in English, like the Dutch g sound. Don’t just have the audio for the sound, but explain how to actually make that sound. I’m struggling to get that g sound.
I’ve yet to be able to successfully pronounce “erg good” or “het gaat erg gelukkig” (that’s so hard, and I often don’t know which words I’m getting wrong!)