Western armenian course - feedback

Hello, there are some erros in the Western Armenian course. Is it possible to become a contributor and adapt some little things ?
I saw someone else asking that same question but I can’t respond on that post, maybe it was closed ?
It was this post : Western Armenian

Or let’s create a whole new course if we can’t adapt that one :wink:


Kind regards

@caropowis Yes, I think memrise will let you take over an abandoned course :slight_smile: I’m not sure who is in charge of that at the moment, though… you might need to do some searching on the forums (or hopefully someone more up to date than I am drops by and replies :slight_smile: )

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Thank you @neoncube , i will try to find my way :grin: and will let you know here how it is going - if you’re interested

Ok, so apparently all we can do is post in this forum and wait for the course creator to see our request, is @alexander92 still active here please? If not I am about to create a new course guys :grin::grin: it’s such a nice course i hope to be able to contribute to it amd develop it further with my (western) armenian speaking friends.