Welsh on Memrise

I’ve recently subscribed to Memrise after using it for some time. The quality of the learning resources has improved but the range of courses on offer has been greatly reduced. Welsh is one of my languages but now I have no options for studying it through Memrise. Welsh is the strongest of the Celtic languages and there is a global community of people learning it. Are there any plans to reinstate it?

Hi psygotwr,

The community-created Welsh courses all seem to be there. Are you not seeing them?

Courses > All Categories > Langauges > European … and scroll down to… Welsh


They don’t appear on my app anymore and I’ve only just joined the forum. Maybe that’s where I should look? Diolch yn fawr am eich ateb chi.

Still no luck. I’m familiar with the course pathway Alan suggested but have not been able to gain access to it for some time. I only seem to have a short list of ‘official’ courses on my app.

Yes, the app only lets us join the ‘official’ language courses directly. For everything else, we have to start them on the web version ( https://www.memrise.com/ ) and they will then sync to the app so that you can continue them there.Once you have viewed the first item in a course on the web version, the course should start to appear on your app course list.

Good luck!


Thanks for your help with this Alan; I’ll follow it up.

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