Weird New Course Behaviour asking me to spell English words

(Bukta) #1

A couple of years ago I created a few courses. They worked fine. Last week I created a new course and the behaviour is weird. The target language is the right way round, so it provides me with the words of the target language (Hungarian) to create mems for, but the course asks me to spell out the English word for the target Hungarian word. I don’t need to learn English (though some may disagree…)! Particularly where the English equivalent is very long, it is extremely tiresome. Can anybody shed light on what is going on? Why is this behaviour occurring? Can I switch it off / avoid it somehow?

(Tampora) #2

Hmm, I’ve recently created two new courses, one with dog pictures to learn the breeds and that one has got some issues as well.
I’ll try out my Japanese course before carrying on creating it further then, just in case that has problems as well. Once I’ve checked to see if it has similar faults I’ll message back here as newly created courses may all be being glitchy, possibly.

Hmm, strange, I’ve just been testing my Japanese course that I’ve been creating the past few days and that course appears to be completely fine and working as it should be.
So for some reason it appears to be just random courses that are created that aren’t working properly then.
Hopefully your course and my dog course get a fix sometime soon so we can continue to learn efficiently. :slight_smile: