Weird bug with grammar

I am studying Japanese with Memrise. I’ve just completed the first course, (Japanese 0) but I can’t acces the grammatic “Forming sentences” (level 4), neither via the app (iOS), neither via the web browser.

However, I was able to access grammatic “How to sound polite” (level 2) via the app (iOS), but not via the web browser.

And if I try to click “Learn new words” in the browser it gives the error “Could not load the session. Sorry”.

It is weird that I could access the grammatic “How to sound polite” (level 2) via the app, because I never payed for memrise.

Does anyone know how to fix this error, so I can access grammatic “forming sentences” (level 4) via the app and/or via the browser, so I can finish the course?

Hi @Jasupa :slight_smile:

Grammar mode is a new feature available in apps, but has not yet been implemented on the web.

See more information in the FAQ & Help:

And explanations given by KanaTsumoto (Japanese Language Specialist at Memrise) on the official Japanese course forum: