Weekly points not reset

@MemriseSupport Leaderboard weekly points were not reset so far this week. This has been a repeated issue for a while. Any way to fix it? That’ll be greatly helpful for us teachers! Thanks!

Thanks. I also reported it in #bugs. There are several administrators and moderators, and I wonder to whom should I report the issue, and who might provide a more timely response. Will Memrise simply ignore our request?

My kids have been doing it for 2 years. But I only check their weekly points as their homework practice. It is frustrating and demotivating if weekly points are not reset. Otherwise, we enjoy using it. Maybe Memrise should have a paid version for teachers to make it more stable?

Hi @sunlaoshi

This has been going on since around February for 2018 for me. From time to time the monthly score boards have been put back to zero - but only for me - or so it seems.
No help from Memrise - despite reporting it to them :frowning_face:

If more people complained, perhaps somebody somewhere would take notice.

Good luck

Hey, thank you for reporting this.

We have someone assigned to the task, hopefully they’ll fix this bug and get the leaderboard working as normal.

@Sternchen Yep, it has been for a while. To be honest, I feel a bit confused why Memrise is not eager to take our feedback and keep improving the product. It is actually an awesome platform. Because we are using the free service? It is sad in a way.

Hi @sunlaoshi

Thanks for your comments.

I don’t think it makes any difference if you are a paying or non-paying member. Actually, I have been a paying member for a number of years now and the score board problem is something I encounter - seemingly more than others in the classes I’m using! So much for equality.

Let’s see if they can fix it - sooner rather than later.