Website Laggy

Is the site very slow today for anyone else? My internet is fast on other domains, yet loading courses today has been a pain.

We had a technical problem but it’s now been resolved.
Sorry for the trouble.




Hi Diego,
this is so great that you respond!

Is there a status conflict management or uptime monitoring system like DuoLingo has with

I think it is just important that a client or proxy server - outside the own internal network - monitors the lag or network services…

If there are known conflicts with each overload on a server, database, etc., it could be written on a status monitoring page, so every Memrise user could see it (either if it was acknowledged, when it might be resolved, if it’s a minor or something bigger, etc.)

Any chance to get something up like this?

I am curious for your feedback.

We have multiple internal monitoring systems but nothing for the public yet.
What happened was that we deployed a change that overloaded the database and it was rolled back within minutes, although a few web users might have been affected during that period.
I’ll ask about the possibility of having a public page but we are very limited in terms of development time at the moment.


Faced with a similar problem several times, I think it’s worth raising this topic to administrators to solve this problem. It seems to me that the problem is DDoS attacks on the site, with which the hosting can’t cope, or a very large flow of users with which the hosting can’t cope. I’ve been working in the IT field for the seventh year and I advise my clients to use high-quality hosting for their websites, since the quality of the site and the speed of its loading depends on hosting. Personally I use it isn’t an expensive and very qualitative hosting service. If you need a help with solving this problem, I can always help.

it’s still very laggy these days especially last 2 weeks. huge delays in everything @MemriseSupport