Website does not load or very slowly

It’s very difficult to load the dashboard and the garden at the moment.
Both in Firefox and Edge, but worse in Firefox. No error, just not loading or intermittently loading extreme slowly.
And I constantly have to repeat exercises I just finished.

I agree. The dashboard on the web is very slow these days.

Stays like this for at least 5 seconds, sometimes longer:


(Using Chrome 90.0.4430.93 on Windows 10)


Seconded. It’s really slow presently!

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Now it’s back to normal.

Not here. Just took ~10s until I got the first few courses initially. After that, some filters (!) took 2-3s but one (French) took 15s and Dutch about 11s.
This might be related to the number of courses and/or items up for review. Also, once loaded, reloading a filter is a whole lot faster.

Actually those filters are always rather slow for me. But yesterday loading the website was so slow it was unworkable.

About 13 seconds this afternoon to load my German courses.
About 24 seconds this evening to load my Spanish courses.
(which are the sort of times I’m used to and why I always have something to read in another tab in the meantime)

No, but the loading times seems to fluctuate. Sometimes it’s kind of okay, but still sluggish, while most of the time it’s just outright slow.

Hi all,

All seems good on our side - could you confirm if this is still happening?

I look forward to your response.

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Hi Alessio,

Well, as stated above, it is back to normal slow for me.

That’s probably a less-than-appropriate description. I just tested this:

  • initial load with the default resp. last active filter (“Recently Learned”): 3s for the first 5 items
  • scrolled down to the last item to load further courses: 7s for another 9 items (now 14 altogether)
  • last item scroll: 5s for the next set

I stopped right there because I always get upset when I do this.
The slowness is so very much irritating when you actually want to navigate to an items that’s very far down in the list, it’s making me outright furious whenever I have to do that (luckily not all too often).

I don’t see the problem behind this - I have but 84 courses on my list. You show 7 pieces of information on the dashboard (image, name, total words, words learned, course complete or not, items up for review, count of DW).
That’s like NOTHING when querying a database, provided the indexing has been performed by someone who knows what they’re doing and/or when data is pre-arranged/-queried where possible. Oh, and of course provided the database server is not constantly running at 100% CPU or memory (etc.).
I have absolutely no idea what you guys might be doing behind the scenes resp. what on earth can be done to make such a trivial process with such a small amount of data so time-consuming.

If there really is like a ton of metadata or other stuff going on (can’t think what that could be, but who knows, we don’t want to make assumptions, do we), go ahead and build a dashboard-table for each user and their courses and update each course-entry when something changed, i.e. after the user worked on a course. Even if I have 500 courses on my list, it shouldn’t take more than 1s to query all courses.

So, the short answer is: no!

Understatement is my style. I’m sorry you don’t find it appropriate.

It’s been like this since they changed the loading of the dashboard to reduce the load on their server. And it is annoying: it usually takes about 20 seconds for me to initially load the page for my language courses.

But I don’t see the point in getting upset about it. When Memrise changes something for the worse I’ll try and work around it.
Because you can wait a long time for them to fix it (if they ever do).

I can only dream of achieving the initial loading times that Olaf is getting!

For example, when first opening my Spanish course dashboard (currently 26 courses), it typically takes around 25 seconds for the first 5 courses to appear; a further 20 seconds for the next 9 to show themselves and another 10 seconds for the final 12 to turn up!

It’s been like that for some time now. Yeah, life’s too short to get stressed about it.

I have the feeling that you misunderstood my intention here. I didn’t want to say that what you said was inappropriate but rather that “normal slow” is quite an understatement. :slight_smile:

Yes something else that sort of drives me up the wall at times (again, not to be taken literally). :slight_smile:

All right then.
Quite an understatement was actually my intention.

I was just looking for my answering box here and when I found it again it said: website does not load or very slowly.