[WEBSITE-975] Completed courses show up as un-finished (Web / Mobile)

Description: Deleted grammar items are being counted in courses, making them impossible to “finish”.

Status: Unresolved

Please Note: If you are experiencing this issue we can confirm the course is finished, but due to the removed grammar items (on our end) it may show as un-finished. We would suggest moving on to the next course in the series while we attempt to resolve the issue.

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Are you sure that the grammar bot is the reason for the problem? Because I have a whole bunch of community courses that show the same behavior and as there is no grammar bot for them the problem should at least have another background.
My guess / something I’d repro: this could be connected to courses where words/phrases have been removed after their original creation.

The community course issue is very similar (almost identical) but a separate issue, which we are aware of. It’s very confusing as there are a number of bugs which produce the same outcome, but the cause can be separate.

This is probably the most likely cause for community course showing up as un-finished. The Decks squad are aware of this and will hopefully addressing this shortly. I’m going to raise another Known Limitation now.


@Olaf.Rabbachin [WEBSITE-846] Ghost Words in Community Courses (Decks)


In case it helps anyone: I ran into this issue with the Chinese 2 course (I did the whole thing on web), but was able to get it marked complete by doing the grammar exercises in the mobile app afterwards.


@MemriseMatty, I have an incomplete course. I’ve gone through every level and there are no ignored words. It’s a conjuguation course so no grammar. I have tried completing it on the web (not Decks as yet) and also on the App. It still shows 1888/1889 words learned on both the web and the App and is most frustrating not being able to finish it. Any ideas on this one? Thanks.