Web version asks me to re-learn words I’ve already learnt in the Android app

Hi. Has anyone had the problem where you learn new words in the Memrise mobile app (Android), and the next day or a couple of days later, you learn new words in the same course but on the web version, and Memrise makes you learn again exactly the same words that you’ve already learnt in the mobile app, as if you had never seen them ? This has already happened to me several times. I apologize if this has been reported before, but I couldn’t find it in the known bugs or the bug topics

the synch between the web and the app version definitely is frequently delayed, and there is no simple way to force it (yes, web to app you could do a full un/reinstall, if so inclined).
I frequently get to revise words or phrases twice…
Having said that, this is normally a question of a few minutes to a few hours of running the app for things to settle again, I don’t think I’ve seen days, or only if I didn’t open the app whilst connected before working off-line.

This is not the staged repetition, right, as words are re-introduced over a staged time for learning – the whole idea behind Memrise?

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Yeah, it’s not because I might have been using the app off-line, I made sure of that. And I said “days” because I sometimes don’t learn new words in a specific course for a few days because I’m studying other courses or because I just review words instead of trying to learn new ones. So, what I wrote in the first post was a bit misleading, what I meant is that when that bug occurs, Memrise will make me learn again the latest words I had learnt on the mobile app, even if my last session of “Learn new words” was two days ago for example

No, only when I choose “Learn new words” on the Dashboard

I have noticed another thing, which may be related to this issue. From time to time difficult words count in the app is different from the website. As if they are not syncing, or syncing in some weird way.