Web Version and Mobile App Just Don't Sync at All

Basically nothing I do gets synced.

I mainly use the web version for learning and occasionally the mobile app for the paywalled contents. (Because for some reasons they made it only available on mobile which shouldn’t even be so in the first place, but let’s leave it here)
For example there’s this “Japanese 0” course that on my mobile app says 220/220 which I finished the grammar (app only) on. But when I go back to the web version it still says 217/220. And it’s already been like 2 months since I’ve finished the course.

It also happened several times that I had progress learning new words on mobile app and it was never synced so I had to do it again on web version. And such that I gave up learning on mobile app except for the mobile only contents.

I don’t really care about those daily goals and streaks since I learn in my own pace, but if the actual progress isn’t saved it gets really bothersome and it breaks the purpose of learning on both platforms. I tried logging out and in on both platforms or clearing data/reinstalling the app (thus making sure the version is the most updated) and nothing helped.

So what do I do here? It gets really annoying if I can’t track what I have done on the other platform and there are things I need to keep redoing. I don’t really mind if there’s a “sync” button I have to press manually if we can do that.

Typing “app and web sync” in the forum search bar shows tons of questions on this same topic over many years. Memrise don’t care.

What do I pay for this, somewhere around $90/year? Should I expect more? Oh right. I do.

Hi @AndyBosselman. We have had some issues with the web and app syncing in the past and unfortunately, it has affected users in different ways which is why we have numerous threads for this.

If you are experiencing the issue yourself, so that we can continue to gather as much information as possible for our developers, could you please confirm:

  • What platform(s) you are using? (iOS, Android, Web). If on mobile, please also confirm the name of the model
  • Can you please confirm what isn’t syncing? E.g. streaks, course progress, daily goal
  • If streaks, which platform did you first see the streak breaking?
  • Which platform has the correct streak count?
  • If using web, what timezone are you on? You can find this at https://www.memrise.com/settings/
  • Have you changed the timezone on web and/or your mobile device recently?
  • Do you have any screenshots of the issue?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Answers below

Hi @AndyBosselman, thanks for your responses. We are trying to replicate this issue but are having trouble. When doing sessions on web, the daily goal card should progress like so:

and when having done the session on the app, the points are added to the daily goal on web.

Can you please double check first of all you are logged into the same account on both devices? The reason we ask is that sometimes, users unknowingly create a second account with Memrise. If you see something different, do you have any screenshots we could add to a bug report? Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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