Web: Typing tests should show incorrect response in red

It’d be great if the web version pointed out errors I make in typing tests. After I typed my response and submitted it, it would be nice to see the correct answer along with my response highlighted with strikethroughs and red type where I made errors.

At the very least, when I get something wrong, I’d love it if the site displayed the correct answer while showing what I entered so that I can find the error myself.

In a course I created, I’ve repeated and failed a typing test for a fairly long sentence at least a half dozen times. But no matter how fastidiously I’ve typed my response, I can’t figure out where the problem is. The way things are set up now, I can’t see what I typed, which would allow me to find the error.

(In general, Memrise seems a little buggy around the œ character, I wonder if I’m getting it right but the character and something related to the one that follows may be the culprit.)

Thanks for considering,

This is the way it used to be actually…


I thought so. And what do I pay for this app? Somewhere around $90 per year?

I expect more. Will I get it?

Probably not.