Web improvements

Hey there!

A little while ago we took a poll about what to do with the timer accompanying our web users on their Memrise journey, and it turns out that the result was somewhere in the middle! After reading the forum posts/responses, we have made this setting a toggle which can be accessed from your settings page (https://www.memrise.com/settings/learning/). This will allow you to better customise your learning experience.

You also let us know that there was some problem with Grammar items breaking the Classic Review on web. This was manifesting just by showing a “Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry.” We have now fixed that and it should not give any further problems.

Thank you for your patience and please continue sending us feedback so we can improve the product further.



Thanks Memrise! This is great to hear. Thanks for listening and for adding this as all of us can benefit from this new addition whether we like the challenge of the timer or not. Can’t wait to see more welcome features similar to this in the near future. :blush:


Thanks for letting people turn off the timer. Perhaps it’s time to come back and look to see if you really have started supporting the community-created courses again. Knowing the timer was required, for so many years, after so many people explained how it makes memrise useless, and used third party scripts to disable it, made me believe memrise continued not to care about web users at all. But maybe that’s starting to change now, worth taking a second look after so many years away…

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Nice to see an older member again. :slight_smile: