Web Beta update (Learn with Locals mode): feedback here

The rebuilt Learn with Locals mode is being released to Beta today!

It’s still a work in progress. Thanks for the support so far.

This update has a redesigned layout so it better reflects us - bold and playful. :sunglasses:

It is also mobile responsive, so it can be used more conveniently.

The version released today will receive an update shortly, as we include autosubmit on correctly answered tapping tests. For the moment, you will need to click on ‘Check answer’ or press the Return key to submit an answer.

The feedback has been great so far and is helping build a better product. We hope this release helps as you take your language learning to the next level.


I’ll repeat this here: the play button across the center of the video is really annoying, particularly due to its (IMHO) exaggerated prominence.

Couldn’t you make the image clickable plus provide a button underneath or at the side? Or just a tiny icon at the bottom right or so? Or a less prominent/disturbing play button across the image?



Although not clear, I presume you are referring to the web version and not the App.

Yes, although the problem is very much the same on the Android app.
The app also has another problem which is that the video-image appears faded when not running, for whatever reason …
But hey, this thread really is about the web and its beta.

This looks messy and crowded to be honest:

It looks like the CSS is broken and things are not where they should be.

I’m not saying the input field and the letters have to be below the video, BUT the design doesn’t look finished. I think you at least need more space between the video and the button/flower on the right side. Maybe have an almost transparent background for that area, or a border or some sort…

In the first picture, it looks very nice because the options have nice clean borders and the first option is aligned with the top of the video:

While the others are vertically centered, which looks bad IMO. They should all probably be aligned to the top, level with the top border of the video.

So perhaps something like this: