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Hi @eel_in_a_hovercraft, I was hoping this would be easy to solve and to move your posts.

Country Flags says

“See the forum of the sister course “Country Capitals 2.0” for a comment on the mem issues.”

but I can NOT find the forum.

But @azrael42 is not active here and no Contributors are listed.

I think as the course is a very old (original) one, he must be referring to the lovely old Forum system RIP.

Perhaps someone will come to the rescue? Cc @panickedrill

The only other fudge I can suggest is create a text file by copying long names from the course, so when it comes up you can quickly copy it.

There used to be a way to create short cuts eg “svg” would autofill with “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Or just ignore those ones !!!

Or seek out another ► course ◄:

Accepted initials are not indicated in the course.

Incidentally the ideal way to know is if the country is listed as
“Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, SVG” and both made alternatives.

After the recent upgrade (where the user is given many different options after each learning set) there is now no longer any way to pause in the middle of a learning session to see the progress of the level as before. Also there isn’t a way to pause and return to the main course menu to select a different level for example. Pretty annoying that the only option is now to exit the course and re-enter it to select a different level.

Macbook, Chrome browser

Picture attached is to show you how the pause button is missing. there used to be an “X” button and pause. ![Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 9.21.44 PM|690x395]

In the old version you could explore the ‘next levels’ (i.e., the next batch of flashcards) and remove words you’re already familiar with.
I think having the ability to check the next material after a session is extremely useful to orientate yourself and remove stuff you don’t need to learn, in the new version you have to basically go back to the course, click on details and then scroll down to wherever you left off to see what content comes next. The new implementation is especially problematic for long courses (such as JLPT N3 or N2 vocab which numbers in the thousands each.)
Edit: I would like a post-session button to preview/alter upcoming learning content.

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In the beta, there is a problem with multi-image courses. When the user is asked to select the correct image among many, the answer is treated as if it were wrong, even though the user selected the correct image. The green frame around the image appears, implying that Memrise recognizes that the user chose correctly.

Yet, this screen is shown next:

The screen that normally only appears when the user didn’t get the answer right appears. The progress bar also doesn’t advance, meaning it is almost impossible to finish the lesson since the user can’t make any progress with this type of question.

I assume this happens because the image in the multiple-choice task is not identical to the one shown in the second card.

If it helps, this is what the database entry looks like. There are three images in total for this particular entry:

Could you please look into that?



When I learn new words the mems that help us remember have gone. That is a really important way that helps me learn. It gives me visual cues as well as great audio rhymes that people have come up with. This new beta layout has changed even more since last week. Is this a glitch or have Memrise decided to get rid of this feature? Really need it back please!


Yes @AbsentiaLunae, you are right that the system no longer works.

I have already reported this issue here with the ALPHA version :arrow_down: :

I raised a similar issue ► here


That’s interesting @AbsentiaLunae . I tried to recreate that issue in my maps course (A World Geography (with audio) - by alanh - Memrise), which has multiple images for most of its’ items, but it seemed to work fine during classic reviews (on the web version).

Correct answers for all items that I knew had multiple images were accepted ok regardless of the type of test. If I gave an incorrect answer, in order to generate a ‘difficult word’, and then did a ‘difficult words’ test, it also behaved ok. I was presented with a variety of test types and, when presented with a multiple choice test which showed a different image to the one I had previously answered incorrectly, it accepted my correct answers ok.

@ale_c , This seems to be behaving inconsistently. Could someone please check it out?


I totally agree. it was one of my favourite parts of memrise and really helped me remember the words!!! please can we have it back haha

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I’m doing a french course and sometimes i want to do a specific part of it, eg the theme ‘travel and tourism’ etc but whenever i press learn new words it always takes me to the first theme. Would it be possible to be able to choose which theme to ‘learn new words’ on, or at least when you press ‘learn new words’ it could carry on with the theme you have just been doing? Because for me, no matter which theme i have just started, after one session it restarts to the first theme. Hope this makes sense!!

Hi @gold808686 and welcome to the forum,

Yes, when you use the yellow “Learn New Words” button, I think the default setting is to take you to the earliest level in the course that still has words that haven’t been fully learned - at least that’s where it sends me.

To do this, I don’t use the yellow buttons on the dashboard and, instead, click on the course title which takes me to the course homepage. From there, I click on the Level that I want to learn and then click on the green “Learn these words” button.

Hope this helps.


Yes, this is true. During classic reviews multiple choice tests work fine. The problem only occurs when trying to learn new words.


Thanks @AbsentiaLunae. OK, I’ve got it now. Yes, I just tried it with ‘learn new words’ on an image-based test course I have. The bug only affected one of the five items I tried to learn - other multiple-choice tests were OK. With the one item that initially showed green but was then immediately presented again as if wrong, I was able to proceed by clicking “Next” and could complete the set of five items.

Hopefully, @ale_c will be able to fix it for us.


In the hope this comment will be read. In Classic Reviews of the Danish (English > Danish) courses there exists the following two problems. When having to pick words to formulate the correct translation, backspace no longer works to remove the last word picked (on Windows 10, Chrome browser). Also, as the numbers disappear from the words you have picked, it is not useful to be able to use those numbers to remove them. For example, in the attachment the correct translation order was to press 2-5-1-3. Accidentally, I pressed them in the order 1-2-5, which I would like to correct by pressing backspace 3 times. In the old version of Memrise, this was entirely possible, but it is not anymore. The new option, to press 1-5-2, is illogical, as those numbers are no longer shown after I have selected them for the first time.

I’m studying Estonian in the “E nagu eesti” course on Chrome. Whenever I’m doing a Classic Review and I’m prompted to type in an answer, nothing is correct. Every typed response is being considered incorrect.

Hi @amiles93

Could it be accented words and strict marking?

If you post a link, perhaps someone can have a look for you.

I noticed this as well. It’s weird…

I suppose they’ve changed this so that you need to recall the words while learning even more new words. Effective if you’re in for long sessions, but if you want a short session of learning 5 words, then it’s bad.

I just tried the new beta version after pausing for a month and some.

  1. i like the new interface. it’s clear, refreshing.
  2. i see something i don’t like which has been part of the app since i’ve been using it: on the android app, one learning session doesn’t bring the word to ‘fully learned’. you need to do 2 learning sessions for the word to be ‘fully learned’. In the old web version, one learning session was enough. In the new web beta version you now also have to do 2 sessions to achieve that.
    I used to prefer the web version because of the one-session system. If the web-version will now have the two-sessions system too, that will really be a bummer. It feels so uncomplete and like you didn’t do enough during the session :confused:

I too find it a bit annoying I have to do two sessions to achieve 5 words but I think it is best, as it’s easier to remember within a session than returning to it later, so a delay helps me learn.

I know that’s what watering (aka review) is for but I’m learning French on a long simple course and just refreshing my memory, so I am not doing any watering.

I feel exactly the same. Particularly with - what I do consider a bug - the fact that, when learning i. e. 7 words (with Android), you’ll need several sessions to get those fully learned (after 2 sessions with 7 words, you’ll be left with only 3 or so fully learnt!). FWIW, this only applies to community courses.

In official courses it’s not much better, again, relating to Android: sometimes (rather feels like most of all times) you’ll only need 3 iterations to “fully learn” a word, sometimes more. This always either leaves me with “partially learned” words or I have to fumble around, sometimes by marking 1-2 words as difficult, then fully learning them in a DW-session.

@MemriseSupport: is there any chance that you guys would rethink this behaviour?
As in many other cases: I don’t understand as to why you don’t create a user setting for things like this! If you fear to over-strain users, why not have regular and expert-settings?

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I feel that way too. Memrise would be so much better if there were more settings. For example the amount of words you learn in a session. The largest amount currently is 10. Perhaps i’d like to learn 15? Given, it might not follow the psychological learning system 100%, but one could mark the amounts as ‘suggested’ and 'individual or something.
The same goes for revision sessions. 10, 25, 50, 150 - what happened to 75 and 100?
I personally think it would be nice to be able to choose between the one-session system and the two-session system. As @DW7 said, some might prefer a slower learning pace than others.

The situation with the 7 words a session and only 3 learning instances to be fully learned definitely sounds like a bug.