Web Beta Programme Feedback

Hi, sorry to hear it’s not working as expected. Could you share some details to help us investigate the problem:

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Thank you for all the improvements so far!

But please please please, give us a “TYPING ONLY” option.

When learning f.e. english it’s too easy for a learner to differentiate between the word “apple” and “immediately” … the whole point is: Can you spell “immediately” right?
So many people are learning languages with this great app! Please leave it!

Best Regards!


@Adam_Memrise , people talk about Alpha or Beta and Classic Review in the same post.

But aren’t alpha and beta for the web Speed review only ?

And isn’t Classic Review on the web still the same?

I’d like to reiterate some previous comments: the spacing of possible answers in Classic Review is horrible. This should be fixed easily by reducing empty spaces around words. I’ve noticed that the new Beta version of online Memrise is styled beautifully, it seems lots of work went into this, but it is done without understanding user experience. I simply need all my maximum of 8 answers to be visible simultaneously, without scrolling. This issue exists for me in all official Memrise courses to Danish (1 to 7) as well as several community courses on Dutch to Danish.

Here is an unscrolled screenshot from Chrome/Windows10, where the correct answer was actually number 6…:

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I notice the type review is not registering “correct” when the correct answer has been typed if it comes up twice or more in a row. This seems to be a bug because the first time this review type comes up, it’s fine.

Web alpha and beta contain a number of modes now, not only Speed Review. Alpha contains all rebuilt modes now! Beta has all modes in except Learn and Difficult Words, which are being worked on to be released shortly.

Alpha is an opt-in experience, where new releases and features are trialled, qualitative feedback gathered and updates made. It can be toggled on or off on the Learning Settings page https://app.memrise.com/settings/learning

For background, there’s more on Alpha (aka Memrise Labs) and the reasoning for the rebuild here Introducing: Memrise Labs for Web!

Beta is an opt-out experience, with more users using the product and more quantitative feedback can be gathered. It can be toggled on or off on the main Settings page https://app.memrise.com/settings

I hope that helps to clarify the role of alpha and beta modes on Web.


Many thanks for that explanation and links.

I’m please that sessions have an annotation, Traditional with no annotation, Alpha in Red or Beta in Black.

Am I right in thinking @Adam_Memrise (having played with the settings), that the traditional and Alpha are available for learning but Alpha is not available for Reviewing?

Reviewing is possible in Traditional or Beta.

I’m glad the annotations in the header helped. Answering your question, the moment all modes are in the Alpha version (Preview, Learn with Locals, Listening Skills, Review, Learn and Difficult Words).

All modes except Learn and Difficult Words have been released to the Beta version, which are currently in development and are being adjusted based on feedback. For example, the test mix in Learn is being adjusted based on the feedback from users about the mix of typing tests and other tests in the Review mode that was released to Beta.


The current layout does make this test more difficult to answer and is being looked at to improve it. Thanks for your feedback.


@Adam_Memrise while you’re talking about the “test mix” that you guys apply, is it sort of a company secret or can you share more details on what filters/clauses you apply to query the list of words that are to be tested?

I have a particular interest/request with this respect: it seems that, when Memrise stores the point in time when a user answered a “question” in the database, the time is included.
Then, when querying a set of words to be presented in a session from the DB (say, a day or so later), the system time seems to be included in the filter.
This has a quite annoying side-effect: unless you carry out your daily learning session at pretty much the same time, you’ll miss words. (That is, if you have a “once per day” learning approach.)

For instance, I usually learn pretty much right after I get up (coffee + Memrise it is!).
During the week this can be anywhere between 6 and 7:30am. Over the weekends though, I’ll rarely learn before 8am, many times I won’t start before noon.
So if I do my sessions on a Sunday at, say, 4pm and then, on the next Monday at 6am, the SRS will not (amongst others) include any words I got wrong on the previous Sunday. I’d have to wait until 4pm on the Monday to see those words.

Long story short: it would be great to simply dump the time in your queries’ datetime-construct. Or maybe it could at least be am on/off option. Have you guys ever discussed this?

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I would love to have the option to use images or texts with a word again, even seeing them when I got the right answer. This feature might have not been used much, as I have not seen them popping up in courses I took before, but for some words they are great. Many are just too abstract to find a good one yourself for a bit.

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@Adam_Memrise, Please move this comment if appropriate (but I could not find a Web Alpha thread).

Anyway regarding the Web Alpha LEARNING:

  1. It does not indicate how many points we are given for every correct answer, only the running total. I really miss this.

  2. When searching for the correct audio from three options, before one could hover the mouse to hear and click to select, now one has to click each in turn and hit “check” to select.
    Nothing wrong with that, just different and I had to get used to it.

  3. There is no timer (perhaps a good thing).


Should it go here?

I can’t use Beta. One of the primary computers I use won’t load audio and since Beta insists on doing reviews in audio, which it won’t let me even temporarily turn off, I can’t use it.

Please bring back the feature where Memrise used to show you your mems after you got something wrong! It was super useful, and it helped with the memorization of a word that wasn’t sticking.

With that being said, here is some more detailed feedback on the changes brought witht the beta version.

Hey! I’d just like to share some feedback on the new memrise beta experience so far. I’ve used memrise for over 5 years, and have been through a lot of the design and functionality changes but this is the most unsatisfied ive been with the app so far

  • On speed review, not having regenerating hearts is kind of annoying after you got used to them
  • It seems like the overall tone of the modifications was to make the experience in the app and in the desktop version more seamless. However, this ended up just resulting in a “dumbed down” desktop experience, as the typing exercises are pretty much gone, and I found them to be the most effective for retaining vocabulary on the long term. Additionally, the little multiple-choice boxes don’t fit on the proportions of the laptop screen. It’s super annoying having such a big screen but having to scroll down in order to read all of the options, especially during the fast review. It’d be really nice if all the options actually fit in the computer screen.


  • Where are the mems? This was such an useful feature in remembering new vocabulary, and now when I get the word wrong im no longer shown my mem of choice so I can try and memorize the word !
  • I don’t mind having listening exercises, as well as the tapping ones, but I don’t want them to comprise the majority of my reviewing. They don’t fell as effective for me. When all you have to do is type the word you hear, that’s way easier than having to connect both the meaning in English to the one in your targe language.

Any time I try to “Learn New Words” on the French 2 course I get this error:
400 (BAD_REQUEST) error calling web API /learning_sessions/learn/?course_id=2021575
If I could receive some assistance in rectifying this that would be great.

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I would prefer to have the ability to tag (or untag) a word as difficult (lightning bolt icon in classic version) in the word list you see after doing a review or learning new words session. I could mark words I knew I would have difficulty with after first learning them, or deselect words after a review session that I was more confident in.


I’ve found a bug when doing the classic review on beta. When I type the correct answer for a typing question, it should automatically realise this, tell me it’s correct and move onto the next question. This only happens for the first typing question I fill in, and subsequent typing questions require me to manually check the answer, even though it is correct. This continues to be the case untiI I come across a different type of (non-typing) question (usually some form of a multiple choice) after which the first typing question that follows it will have the automatic checking enabled again. And then subsequent typing questions will once again need to me check manually until another different question type appears.

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I have reactivated the beta version. It seems that the frequency of typing tests has been increased. That’s a plus.

However, I still dearly miss the feature »typing only« for the new version. I understand, that your research might have given you the impression that variety is key to the user experience and you want to accommodate those many people who primarily use the mobile version and thus, typing might not be cherished by them due to the limitations of smartphones’ digital keyboards. Still, I can only repeat my argument from my first reply in this thread: There are quite a lot of languages, which are not based on a system of one sound equals one letter. In such languages writing/typing is key to learning the language.
(Side note: German schools have been using a method to teach children writing by sound. This method has failed as only about 7% of written German words match with the spoken sounds and this method is now gradually being abandoned due to the poor writing skills of many children in elementary school (see this study: Die „Fibel“ führt zu besserer Rechtschreibung — Universität Bonn (only in German unfortunately))

You already have the code base for »typing only«. It’s not a new feature which requires tons of new code. Please keep the feature »typing only« for the review mode.


French 1
When web app (beta) tests me on “tu es très bien comme tu es” it shows I made mistake… I guess it doesn’t treat both “es” the same… (tapping test)

In beta, when typing and do it wrong… it doesn’t show me what I typed and where I made mistake.