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I hate the changes because being able to type type type is crucial to my Hebrew learning! That’s the most important feature for me. I stopped using memrise a few years ago because you changed the interface so much I couldn’t cope. I went back to using memrise a week ago and I loved it and now you’re making these bad changes again and it’s stressing me out. I switched off beta and I hope it will stay like that.


I’m not sure exactly what the cause of the snappy feeling was but I think it was a combination of 1, really fast animations between questions, and 2, minimal keypresses between questions. As far as performance goes the beta performs just as well, something feels slower though (maybe its me not being used to the new format).

Also, an update regarding the IME issue in Japanese classes, I switched from google’s IME to windows 10’s built in Japanese IME and, although the suggestion box problem is solved with that, whenever I type a correct answer, when it’s detected as correct, it immediately double what I’ve written and is no longer considered correct, so everytime I type something I have to delete a copy of the word before it accepts it. This issue does occur in old memrise, but only after a wrong answer (where you are told to copy the word after giving a wrong answer). Normal typed answers didn’t have this problem.

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Yes, I am trying to use NumPad Enter key. I am using Firefox 78.7.0esr on GNU/Linux, with a full (external) keyboard.

When using NumPad, moving your hand to the other end of the keyboard to press ‘r’ is pretty inconvenient, so the old behavior is definitely preferred.

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Works perfectly! If it could be implemented also for speed review, it would be amazing

While using the latest firefox version the audio sections don’t auto play and I find it extremely annoying that I have to click the icon for it to play, killing the fast tempo using keyboard only. I as well miss the clicking the number for multiple audio choice and hearing the clip again, the old way of confirming with enter is best imo. I feel like there’s a bit of a wasted opportunity of always showing all three sides of the flashcard when(for example in japanese when it asks for hiragana spelling for a kanji. I would like to know the meaning of it as well. Or however direction this pops up, just reinforces the learning better for me) And last major gripe is the fonts are much too small, especially learning japanese right now and anyone else with a new script would probably find it way too small.

Oh and just forgot another one, there’s a bit of too little grace when clicking/spamming enter to get to the next card and I keep messing up reviews because I’m a bit too impatient x)

May draw users to this thread as well?

New Classic Review mode now in Beta


I am one of the peeps who highly prefer type only tests. Please integrate type only tests as a seperate feature. And an option to disable letter hints would be great, too.


This! Please listen what @Astaroph says here, @MemriseSupport :grinning:


I can only agree with the other users asking for a »type only test«. It’s crucial for learning languages to me, especially for those languages where one letter does not represent one sound (e.g. Russian) and also for languages, which are sign based and not alphabet based. Thank you.


I’ll repeat the request to keep a typing-only review — it’s a much more demanding test than the new Classic Review, and essential for me to get to where I can readily use vocabulary and grammatical structures myself.


I LOVED the new changes on Classic Review (studying French at the moment).

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Why is it that the capability to see memes (the “Help me remember this” button) is removed in this new interface? I had to go back to the old interface so I could see the memes.


no you are the majority of people who prefer typing on the web.


I totally agree!


If I accidentally hit mouse 5 then mouse 4(I use mouse 4 as a push to mute in a chat program for reference), accidentally clicking learn new words, then use the X on the page to back out and go back to reviews, it gives me 0 points for what I learned, and immediately gives me 255 total reviews, even though I only had 100 to do originally, and I was on one of the last ones when this occured. The old system of when this happened I’m 90% sure it put me back to where I left off and awarded me the points as well, certainly not giving me an extra 255 reviews(Assuming an 8 bit variable got set to max on review start and didn’t get cleared the next time it’s polled?)

Latest windows 10 AMD64 firefox 85

They only go green (or pinkish) after pressing the ‘check’ button. They do not go green automatically, as they did in the old version, when you get them in the right order.

I am using Chrome on a PC (in case this helps)

BTW thanks for getting back to me – you have re-established my faith in web devs <3

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If typing goes away, I will cancel subscription and leave one star review in both iphone and android. I invite everyone to do the same.


As an update to this, it seems the built in windows 10 IME is now having the same problems that the google IME had along with the doubling issue.

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I’ve noticed that, at least for me, that the ability to re-type an incorrect typed sentence/word, with the answer available and visible above, is not in beta.
If possible, it would be great to have this back. For me, personally, it has allowed me to continue to correct misspellings, and forgetting letters, and effectively going into the learning strategy of correcting the wrong answer, and walking a student through the right answer.

Thank you!


The main reason why I have been using Memrise for 5 years is that the “Help me remember this” feature helped me a lot but it’s now removed.