Web Beta Programme Feedback

Hi all, our new Beta programme is now live!

As we explained in the past weeks, this is an opt-out experience which includes new designs and improved, more responsive features. Please note that this is being rolled out gradually to all our users - if you can’t see it yet, don’t worry! You will get a chance to play with it at some point in the next few weeks.

If for any reason you’d like to turn it off, please see the following page for instructions on how to do so: https://memrise.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015889157-What-is-Memrise-Beta-and-how-do-I-turn-it-on-off-on-web-

Try it out and please provide any feedback on this thread :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll actively monitor this section and record your comments for future iterations.


Is this similar to the Alpha testing some of us were asked to look at?

Don’t see any difference when I tick the box in settings so I don’t think it’s working.


Beta speed review is now working on my screen but the “‘The new Memrise experience’ box to enable/disable the new features.” is NOT working and i just cant do anything about that the fact that you cant use arrows diagonally is just… confusing

I have now used the right arrow It helps me to be rapid in the speed reviews. Yet this change is ruining it cause you cant use the new feature responsively…
now using the left arrow in speed review it does not allow you to move diagonally and i am deeply disappointed. Apart from it Beta looks really good but i cant even switch to the classic mode.

The smaller font size on the new flashcards can make it really hard to distinguish between complicated words/characters for languages like Japanese and Chinese. Can they be made bigger like the old cards?


How about an easy to find description of the changes? I don’t follow the forums TOO much … I’ve heard about changes here and there but nothing too extensive describing them. Then you roll them out with the option to turn them on and off … cool. You put a banner at the top of the screen with one hyperlink that says, “read more about the changes here” but all that link brings me to is a page telling me how to switch the changes on and off but no description of the changes. Some changes might be obvious but … for some less obvious changes … how am I supposed to critique a change if I don’t know its there?


I would also like to see bigger flashcard text. It can be difficult to distinguish complex characters (like in Japanese).

I don’t use the arrow keys in the speed review but I like to use the numeric pad on my keyboard. This does not seem to work in the Beta speed review though (it does in the non-Beta speed review). Numbers at the top of the keyboard do work, just not the numpad (and yes, the num lock was on :grinning: )


Hi! Thanks for the bug reports and feedback.

We’ve filed tickets to fix the arrow keys and the font size.

More response to the rest of your feedback to come!


Can you say a bit more about what you mean?

If you are also opted into Memrise labs, then it won’t turn off the new modes. You need to also go to the Learning settings, and turn off Memrise labs.


Thanks for this feedback! The areas of the website currently in Beta are Speed Review and Preview mode. We’ve updated the knowledge base article to reflect this!


Bigger text in speed review, also please bring back regen of hearts, right now if you miss one, you can’t get a heart back. Would also like to increase the cap of words you can review at a time - in my ideal world I’d love to be able to review 1000 or more words at a time. The gifs at the end of the lesson are superfluous and cutesy and don’t really make the experience more fun or add anything really except load time for the last screen. Also, the message at the end of your review should be different if you get every single one correct.



Oh right, I don’t use speed review.

For preview mode you’ve apparently fixed the level selection problem

but not the audio loading problem

By the way, why does logging out of this forum not work anymore? I log out and it just keep logging me back in as long as I’m logged in to Memrise.

cool, thanks!


It seems that additional columns that we have added to our database no longer display. I relied on this feature to disambiguate homophones that were different parts of speech. Is it possible to re-enable it?

The “part of speech” used to appear as a grey word under the definition being reviewed in speed review, but is no longer there.

Is it possible to add back the feature that displayed additional database columns? It was really helpful in disambiguating homophones.

Thank you.

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I can no longer use the number pad to select answers in the speed review, I have to use the top number keys on my keyboard, which…makes me less speedy. My number pad works elsewhere so it’s definitely not just on my end.


I still had two hearts left but the screen froze on me. I often have this problem in this particular course but not in others. I’ve tried to continue the session by pressing Ctrl-Enter but that doesn’t always work either. Is there anything else I can do to continue a frozen Speed Review without having to close the session and start anew?


I like the way the design looks, but the first time I did a speed review, it froze about halfway through like I saw it did for someone else. I also found a few times, the same option was there multiple times? I only got a screenshot once, where the repeated answer happened to be wrong, but another time it happened with the right answer and I chose the wrong one and lost a heart anyway.

I’m also unable to revert back to the old version.

I also have had issues with duplicate answer options with one being wrong. Seems to be consistently occurring for the same terms.

Options 2 and 3 in the screenshot are identical, and both are always presented. I lose a heart half the time because I choose the wrong one.

This has only been an issue in the Beta speed review. Classic speed review does not have the duplicates.


The areas of the website currently in Beta are Speed Review and Preview mode.

I think I too missed that emphasis or restriction.

As I’ve said before, I don’t like to be rushed (not a real holiday situation) and I don’t see the point of Preview as one can see all the items in each level quickly.

So sorry, no significant feedback from me.

I’m definitely not a fan of the new speed review. I miss the heart regeneration, and I find the gif’s at the end screen to be annoying. I also wish that it was a bit more flexible in its speed depending on the length of the cards. I have a few that are a sentence long, and I cannot read through and select from five sentences on the new speed review. I could do it on the old one.