[Web] Awesome extension: audio for your highlighted text

What’s the most common feedback for courses of Memrise?

The content is great, but can we get some audio?

Given the grassroots nature of this site, that’s difficult. Most people don’t have the proper recording environment to lay down quality audio.

That, and managing the files and uploading them is time-consuming. It’s certainly slowed and discouraged me, as a course creator.

Peep This:

SpeakIt is a Chrome extension that instantly generates audio for highlighted text. A number of European languages are represented, as well as the East Asian languages.

There’s even a Hongkongese and Taiwanese speaker, for those learning with Traditional Chinese script. Shout out to the Cantonese learners.

I think this makes for a much richer experience, and users can get more juice out of courses that aren’t outfitted with audio. One might also prefer the SpeakIt voice to existing recordings.

Get it here:

Chrome Extension

With all the attention put into the Memrise app (rightfully so), I think the flexibility of the web application makes for a better learning experience. This enhances that further.

#EDIT Firefox users can use Simple TTS.


@Joeybelk ~ I went to the Mozilla add on page (for Firefox) and it states this is not available for Firefox 47.0. Ironic timing too, since 47.0.1 just came out a few minutes ago.

@pdao Good catch. Check out Simple TTS: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-tts/