Web and Android App do not synchronise fully after “auto learning”- a bug

Web and Android App do not synchronise fully

For a long time I have noticed that courses that have grown to a flower (fully learned) on the web, often show some green levels (with some items still to learn) in stead of blue (fully learned)?
(In fact I may have reported this before?)

This seems to happen on courses that I am a contributor on and have skipped the learning process and gone straight to revision (as I know most items and just wanted to check I do).

This morning I logged out and back in, hoping to load a completed course, but instead of that I has loaded a fresh start with all levels green and nothing to review.

Please ask for full details if this isn’t a common issue.


I’ve just quit the App (ie not logged out) and when I started it again , I have returned to the original problem of some levels still green.

A slight improvement but still not synchronising completely.

@MemriseSupport and thoughts?



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Those two screenshots are obviously not showing the same course, might that be the problem …?

Hi Olaf, thanks for noticing my thread.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same course.

I’ll change the images to make it clearer.

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when you say "skipped the learning process and gone straight to revision " what method are you using to do that?

Hi James, thanks for asking.

From an unplanted level I usually use “auto learning” from the drop-down menu on the web (up to 21 words at the time). Taking it from a seed to a flower in one go, ready to revise.

Even giving it a day or two to synchronise doesn’t help.

Nor refreshing, quitting or logging out on the App.

But what I have found is that some days the discrepancy has changed.

Not sure if other people have noticed that - but not everyone creates or contributes to a course.

But I have noticed posts about discrepancies between the Web and App.

Incidentally I have noticed this occur on many courses, and if only a few are missing, I just complete the manual learning on the App.

Hi @alexisthegalaxy,

As you’ve just solved another problem, could you have a look at this issue please?

Let me know if you need more information.
I could search out some other courses that have a similar discrepancy, if that would help.

I have not forgotten about this issue, it’s on the queue for our QA team to investigate but as we suspect it only impacts course creators who use auto learn it’s not at the top of the priority list I’m afraid as that is a small number of people.

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Many thanks James - I didn’t mean to be disrespectful but just wondered if it was a different type of problem that was more suited to Alex.

I’ll leave it to you and the team - thanks.

Our QA team have tested this and cannot reproduce it
“I created a course with 2 levels on web. I used auto-learn option on web for these two levels to complete them, but when I opened android app then these two courses were fully completed.”
Do you have any other details on the steps to reproduce, and can you confirm you are on the latest version of the Android app?

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Many thanks James and the QA team.

I’m pretty sure I have the latest app (the store does not say update).

The other method of auto learning I’ve used recently on large levels (where the contributor’s drop-down auto learning would be far to slow) is to ignore a lot of the easy words or phrases I know, then un-ignore them, so I only get tested on them instead of going through several iterations.

Guess I’m more into checking I understand things I learned many many years ago rather than starting say a new unknown foreign language. (It keeps the grey cells alive :slight_smile: )

I have just logged out and back into the App and when I went to another course, all the learning had been wiped!

All its showing are green circles and “You have nothing to review”.

@James_g_memrise is something going on at the moment?


Having looked around and noticed I’m at skill level 1 (not 15), I messed around and it has been restored to what I had before (with some incomplete levels).

Phew - relief!

I see the same problem, but only in my official courses. Syncing is not working properly after re/installation of the app.

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Hi @Hombre_sin_nombre, thanks for reporting. I have a few follow-up questions.

  • Which courses is this occurring with?
  • Can you please confirm what isn’t syncing? E.g. streaks, course progress, daily goal
  • Have you changed the timezone on web and/or your mobile device recently?
  • Do you have any screenshots of the inconsistencies?
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It was in official Spanish, Italian, French courses (new courses marked as 1 and 2; three of them in total, if I remember correctly) and a couple of user created. Previously ignored words appeared in them as unignored after reinstallation. At the same time those words were still correctly ignored on the desktop. Number of words - from 5-7 up to 30-40 in some courses. I changed time zone, but it was not recently, more like months ago. I don’t have screnshots, but screenshots in this thread are perfectly describing my situation.

Look in this thread, I’m not the only one who experienced it.

Hi @MemriseSupport nice to hear from you.

My old examples are right at the start of this thread.

Let me know if you need an update or more examples.