[WEB-783] Words learned discrepancy on (Web/Android)

(Memrise Matty) #1

Description There is a discrepancy between words learned on Android and Web.

Status: Low Priority / Unresolved

You can find more information on this bug, first reported in 2017, here: There is a discrepancy between words learned on the Android and the Web page

(Piotrmkucharski) #2

Yes, there is a discrepancy. I noticed it in my Danish 1 course (from English), because the Android app falsely claims that I have 193/196 words learned. I submitted a bug report about it in December. 2,5 months have past since then and the problem remains, no one bothered to contact me or fix it. How much longer do I need to wait? Half a year? Two years?

(Memrise Matty) #3

Hi @piotrmkucharski - We did create an internal ticket for this to be fixed in Oct 2018, but have not seen any progress on it yet. We are also aware this problem has appeared numerous times since 2017. I do not know when or if it will be resolved for good, but will let you know when I have more information.

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(Piotrmkucharski) #4

Thank you for the information, @MemriseMatty. I hope that it will be finally resolved in a foreseeable future.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #5

Pardon my interference, but from your description it looks like another well-known bug:

Finished courses show up as “unfinished”

Are you sure that this problem is a discrepancy in overall learned words count on different devices (total number in all courses)?

(Piotrmkucharski) #6

Yes, you’re right. My mistake. But I suppose that these two types of bugs appear related. After all a course showing up as finished on one device and unfinished on the other is a special case of a discrepancy in learned words. So, if a Memrise team finally decides that the problem is worth their time and effort, fixing one should lead to fixing the other.

(Memrise Matty) #7

Hi - We do have an internal ticket for this as well, raised in Nov 2018, but it’s current status is the same (No Progress / Unresolved). I will create another Known Limitation thread for this shortly.