Was Spanish course updated?

Hey guys. I’d like to know if the Spanish course (language pair: Spanish > English - UK) was updated. I logged in today and saw many new different scenarios (maybe a hundred, I don’t know). It would be interesting to know what courses is Memrise team working on (just a suggestion :wink: )

If so, that’s great, but I felt a little confused, actually. The interface has soooo much information for my taste.

Another question: is it possible to know how far I am to complete the entire course?

Ps: I am a lifetime membership, in case the information is relevant.

Hi @ArsGoetia,

It sound to me like you’ve switched to » “Early Access” «. Have a read about it (and how to switch back to “Classic” if you want to).

Hi @DW7, thanks for the response.

It’s not my case. Actually I was using Early Access even before it was launched to everyone.
I use the classic mode to study my own decks and then I sync back to the new version afterwards.

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