Warning: link to community courses changed

Since this morning previously saved links to community courses suddenly stopped working. There is no redirect.

To reach your course add community/ directly after the app.memrise.com in your link.


I won’t say bad words about people who did it, though no doubt they deserved some cursing.

This change means export tools for courses won’t work at least until fixes are done.


The timing of this and the “bug” preventing people from being able to cancel their pro memberships is not subtle in the least. This all feels hostile.


Yep, the timing is perfect to spoil someone’s migration.


I think you guys are reading too much into this! XD

Actually: no. It’s just another indication about how much Memrise cares about what their (hopefully paying) customers or just anybody outside of the company thinks. Maybe it’s just thoughtlessness or an oversight by the devs, OK. But then it’s about their bad quality management. Pick one.

I’m also sure that Memrise’s success over the years is very closely connected to community courses having boosted their number of users due to the very broad variety of courses, languages and subjects.

Personally, I worked through 8 Memrise courses (5 of which all the way from 1 to -7) and in all courses both the quality and the content astonished me - there is a lot of very silly stuff, the words and phrases seem very random, there isn’t many words which are then presented in sentences, there are many errors that nobody cares to correct (even though there are discussions here with users pointing them out), there’s nothing like a red line.

And last but not least - with all that’s been written (“announced”) by Memrise staff (including Ben), there have been numerous times when a statement was (finally) made, but an action soon after thwarted that very statement - empty shells is what describes their statements best for me. Sad.

I do appreciate that they need to make money and that the product is theirs to shape. We might not like it, but that’s just the way it is.
However, the very least any company could do in a situation like this is to inform users. In this case: inform users about a) the discontinuation of the forum and b) the intention to dump the community courses. That is, for the latter they should send out emails to at least the course creators (and contributors - there are many users where the original creator is no longer active or has been deleted) in order to inform them about the upcoming changes. This is called respect and it’s certainly good practice. We shouldn’t even have to ask for it.
Should be an easy task, too, right? I think so. Have you received anything? I haven’t.

Damn, I’m ranting again and I wanted to stop doing that. Sorry. I’ll leave it here anyway, not that it matters all too much, right.


I wonder what happens if all course contributors that happened to be EU citizens would request a copy of all their files uploaded and all entries entered?

This “data portability right” is part of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Memrise is a UK based company but since they market their product and operate their services in the European Union they must adhere to this act. That’s why big sites like Facebook and others must and do offer a download option in the EU. Usually they allow you to download all data in one zip file. Memrise isn’t doing this. After many lawsuits, many lawyers would agree that this right does include all data provided to the service. Even data like simple vocabulary lists are personal.

This would be fun :slight_smile: :imp:


I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. The communication has been very poor. They gave us some hints about what was to come but that’s all - and those had to be dragged out of them.


Just in case, Google Chrome extension by Eltaurus is working again.
Seems to be the only way to export courses at the moment.


Note that you might have to reinstall the extension in order to incorporate the changes that @Eltaurus made yesterday. At least I had to (probably because it needs to be installed manually rather than via the web store).


So are the courses that I have created at risk of being suddenly deleted? Or is it only the publicly searchable courses that are in danger? Either way I have backed them up routinely and have no issue moving to Anki, but I’m wondering if that’s going to be an inevitable outcome that I might as well start transitioning towards now, or if it’s not really a looming threat.

@JosephKirk See ANNOUNCEMENT: Permanent shutdown of community courses and forums! (And possibly Announcing mylittlewordland.com ) :slight_smile:

The danger might not be imminent, but it’s sure looming. And with Memrise, you don’t really know what will happen when, so it’s probably good to save your work/courses ASAP.

You can save your courses with what @Eltaurus created: