Warning: Disable Firefox Greasemonkey addon auto-update - V4.1 breaks user-scripts!

Hi all,

this is a quick warning, probably already too late for the most user-script users.

Please note:

Greasemonkey 4.1 newest update from 12/12/2017 won’t work anymore with any installed user scripts (e.g all typing, auto correct, timer disabler, etc.).

The addon auto-update (V4.1) “crashed” both my systems and I lost my streak on one Memrise course before midnight.

As soon as you start Firefox, you can’t do anything about the addon “auto-update”.

You would have to disable it in the Firefox config / XML files before manually, before starting Firefox!!!

I have to run Firefox ESR 52.5.2:
You manually need to downgrade to Greasemonkey V3.17 and disable auto-updates.

All user scripts would need to be rewritten for Greasemonkey V4.0 (was not available for <57.0) V4.1 / Firefox V57.0, as mentioned on their website.

Users who are using Chrome (or Firefox) would have to migrate to Tampermonkey (I never have tested Tampermonkey on Firefox <57.0 or newest Firefox V57.0 and did not know it is also available for Firefox).

I switched to Tampermonkey with Firefox 57.0 and everything works fine on my computer. So there is hope for firefox users.

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My automatic update is turned to OFF, but V4.1 got re-installed, dunno why.

This is the direct V3.17 link: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/736199/greasemonkey-3.17-fx.xpi?src=version-history

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