Want to study by words, no characters. Is it possible?

So i’m learning Korean and i’ve seen a lot of great sources on here, but one thing i’ve in general found lacking is sentences, most of the resources tend to just be studying vocabulary.

So i’ve taken it upon myself to aggregate some resources and make some lists. The problem is when i want to study on my computer it keeps breaking the 한굴(korean language) into character as opposed to whole words. Which is extremely difficult because in korean there are a million ways to say something and often you can withhold object/subject markers(or you have variants).

it’d be like having to translate sentences in english but you have to use the alphabet(as opposed to whole words) and any missed coma or apostrophe and it’s wrong.

I dont’ know if i’ve communicated this well, but does anyone know how to fix this(i just want to have a selection of whole words, and not each character)? or is there are any extensions available for the browser? I didn’t see any options in the settings.

Sorry for the wordy and unclear writing, TY for your time!