Want to make friend with another memrisers

(JiminieVKook) #22

Hello, my name is Sapphire. I speak English (a native), if anyone needs help. I love making new friends on Memrise. It makes the site more fun for me, in my opinion! Let me know if anyone wants to friend and talk to me, we might be able to work something out. :slightly_smiling_face:
My email address is: StudentS33513@yahoo.com. Or you can message me here on Memrise.

(Carla Nycity) #23

Hi, I’d be glad to converse with you! Look me up on FB under Carla Cantone, or email at carla_cantone @ yahoo dot com

(Crim) #24

My name’s Crim, nice to meet ya!!!
I’m English, and thus more than willing to help you out with your studies!!!

(Zara Kambara) #25

I wish it would be easier. It really is so important to connect. It makes learning so much easier … more naturally as language learning is inherrently social . . . (i d k if that sentence is gramatically correct)

I would also buy that memrise pro 4 a lifetime IF i would be free to text anyome out of my courses. And IF it would be easier to connect with natives,

I have one tandem partner in turkish as the other one is leaving germany soon.
My english still didnt develop, Even tough i learned new words, my fluency and understanding is still the same as it was 2 years ago. And i know i need to read but i cant motivate myself for reading english. And i sound not natural at all. Im so german.

I need to talk. . . :c)

(ラッテル/) #26

why don’t you guys make a discord server??

(ラッテル/) #27

also this is my memrise: https://www.memrise.com/user/alwaysgrumpy/

i learn korean, japanese, mandarin and vietnamese
when i have time i improve my french
and i do a little russian and other languages as well and i get ready for thai :slight_smile:

(Sean C ) #28

Hey MaiKhoai,

My name is Sean, I’m 15, I’m Puerto Rican but I live in Florida, U.S.
Japanese culture has always interested me, my dream is to live in Tokyo while playing professional soccer in Japan.
I hope I can get to know you better.


(JiminieVKook) #29

@alwaysgrumpy Hey, I was wondering what discord is. I actually signed up, I think about couple months ago, because I thought that it was an added version of Memrise, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve the same profile, too, so that it’s easier to get a hold of me. :slight_smile:

(ラッテル/) #30

i need ur id with user tag, u can add me there ketamaniac#6994

this is a discord server for learning and exchange parteners: https://discord.gg/EhGkVa

and this is the main one that was started on this forum: https://discord.gg/F2SwqX

i think you might be able to find friends there or we could make a smaller discord server if you wish, private to exchange learning tips and resources …

i personaly do not really like huge servers where there are a lot of people because it will become a chaos in the end but maybe you guys will like them!

(Ximehz4464) #31

Hi, I’m Xime and I’m learning German^^ I speak Spanish and English. I tried to join the discord server but it says it’s invalid :confused: I’d like to have some friends who also like learning languages~

(JiminieVKook) #32

Hi, Xime! I’ll be your friend, if you want. I don’t know why it would say it’s invalid… You tried the right website, correct?

or was it this one?

This set up actually looks a lot like Memrise (what I didn’t know, but I’ve come to understand - it’s not in any way interconnected), which was the reason why I had signed up there in the first place, but it seems cool, so far that I’ve used it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(JiminieVKook) #33

@alwaysgrumpy Aheh… I just realized, when I clicked on your links just now, that we were actually talking about two different websites. Oops, sorry. :sweat_smile: But I just signed up and sent a friend request to you. I am JiminieVKook#9038. The links, though, say that they were expired, though, so I didn’t see what they were supposed to be. Again, sorry.

(ラッテル/) #34

because the invitations last only 24 hrs after i have to send new link… they expire after 24 hrs … tell me when you guys are online and i will send u invites

(ラッテル/) #35

great gonna send u invites in discord then!

(onceuponamidnight) #36

Gosh I’m trying to add people but when I click the names, it just shows ‘message’ instead of ‘follow’ or profile. Sigh. Would be so great to have a motivation group, just to check in and keep up daily motivation regardless of the language!

(JiminieVKook) #37

Hello @raventao. That’s because you’re looking at their forum account part. If you want to follow them, then you’ll have to use this:
https://www.memrise.com/user/ user name here, without this space in between the backspace and the person’s username.
I hope this helps you! :smiley:

(onceuponamidnight) #38

Thanks so much Jiminie! That helps a lot! :slight_smile:

(JiminieVKook) #39

No problem! Anytime. I’m glad it helped you. :slight_smile:

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(Lyreen) #40

I don’t know if necroing this is good lmao
But I need a partner to learn as well. Japanese and Korean in particular.
I’m personally an Indoneisan-speaking Chinese but I DON’T speak Chinese. Yeah, basic reading, but not to a good structured conversation level.
And as you can probably guess, I speak decent English. but I will do with native English speakers as well as it helps me improve in slangs and especially vocabs

I’m fem in her 20s if that helps make anyone feel comfortable to find me lol
I’m on fb, LINE, whatsapp and discord, so hmu anytime! I’m a pro user as well.