Want to make friend with another memrisers

(Mai Khoai) #1

Hello, I’m come from Vietnam and want to make friend with everybody who using memrise to get motivate.
I’m learning Japanese and English. If you are native people and willing to help me to improve my studies , we can exchange fb or something like this.
BTW, nice to meet all of you guys.

(Ichigo Smof) #2

it’s difficult to make a link between a course and the forum of a course, and it’s impossible to find somebody on the courses who you’ve met in the forums, and that hampers the ‘friend making’ devision very much

(Mai Khoai) #3

I didn’t know that

(Zschuah) #4

Hello! I’m from Singapore and I’m currently learning Korean, Indonesian and French. I’m fluent in English and Chinese, so I can help you out with English if you need any help. We can exchange fb if you want!

Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

(Barbara Vogl31) #5

I’m not a native english speaker but nice to meet you hear and lots of greetings from germany :wave:t2:

(Karastinet4) #6

im native in english if youre still looking for someone to help you :slight_smile:

(Mai Khoai) #7

Thank you <3 Hello from Vietnam

(Mai Khoai) #8

Ok, how can we get in touch?

(M3l0) #9

Greetings from Turkey!

(Joshua Runyon) #10

Hi,I’m Joshua from San Diego , Ca Usa. I’m interested in having someone to add to the app. To compare progress.

(Kevin Cruzeh) #11

Hi @MaiKhoai
If you want to practice your English, we can make a WhatsApp Group with others learners

Greetings from Chile,

(Alc1234) #12

Hello. My name is Alex and I am learning Dutch. Also fluent in English.

(Somayehmz) #13

Hi Alex. Sorry to bother you, but since you said you are fluent in English, I would like to know you better. By the way I’m from Iran and my mother tongue is Farsi, but I know some English as well. I want to have some friends here to chat with to improve my English. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Citizen484) #14

Hi everyone :innocent: I am citizen484 on memrise. I’m learning Korean. Let’s watch eacother’s progress to feel like we are part of a group or club…the memrise club, or languageholics.

(Citizen484) #15

I just added you all to my memrise leaderboard. I must say that I’m impressed. Especially of you zschuah. You’re in first place. Second and third are somayehmz and oneMoreLesson. Following VERY close behind in fourth place is alc1234. I’m curious how this battle of mem-Points is going to continue.

(Kevin Cruzeh) #17

Third place? Mmmm… That sounds good for me :smiley:
Have a nice day @Citizen484


(Somayehmz) #18

I’m the 2nd? I hadn’t noticed that! :thinking::nerd_face: oh and thanks for adding me

(Gzmdzgn) #19

Hello, I’m from Turkey. I’m learning English,too. If you are native people and want to help me to improve my skills, we can meet :innocent:
Nice to meet all of you

(Edison Bh) #20

Hola a todos.
Hola MaiKhoai, segun veo tu también hablas español, o me equivoco?.
Yo soy de colombia y estoy estudiando Japones, te quisiera agregar en esta aplicación pero no he podido lograr como se hace.
Si tu o alguien me dice como ses hace muchas gracias por la colaboración.
Que esten muy bien.

(Moeinatani) #21

Hi there, I’m Japanese woman in late twenties.
Since november I’ve been studying French, and Chinese.
I speak Japanese, Italian and English so far.
Hope to make friends all over the world :wink: