Want to learn Tagalog? Let's do a discussion. :)

I want to teach Tagalog. I’m learning Russian and while learning it, I realized that the sentence structure is quite the same. If anybody has questions, please post your replies or send me a message.

Tagalog Translation:
Gusto ko mag-turo ng Tagalog. Pinag-aaralan ko ang Russian at habang inaaral ito (eto), napagtanto ko na ang istraktura ng pangungusap ay halos magkapareho. Kung sino man ang may mga tanong, paki-“post” ang mga tugon ninyo o magpadala kayo sa akin ng mensahe.

(Disclaimer: I’m a half-Tagalog/half-Ilocano Filipino so there are some advanced words that I’m not familiar with, YET. But I’ll try my best to explain words, sentence structure, etc…)

It’s pointless posting here. It’s too far removed from the courses and no learners will find it. The whole structure of these forums is badly thought out. They are practically useless.

Taglish is more common than pure Tagalog I think. XD Even in businesses and education; even the Filipino media used to speak Taglish. Nobody says words like bughaw and paraluman anymore. People speak Taglish often than pure Tagalog. An almost pure Tagalog can be heard or read in the news, Filipino literature, or Filipino Wikipedia articles. But I think most Filipinos read English on the internet.

For one English sentence, it can take a dozen possible translations in Tagalog due to its flexible grammar. Thus, you’ll take more work to consider alternate translations in terms of word order. For example: Maganda siya. = Siya ay maganda. Also verbs take a variety of spelling and prefixes. Binili ko. = Bumili ako. = Binilhan ko. = Ako ay bumili. These sentences can be translated to only one English. I bought.

I guess Taglish is more conversational and Tagalog is more literary.

I want to learn and if I can create my own course I am up for it even if some of the language is obsolete.

I’ve started the Memrise Tagalog but am disappointed with lack of audio files for the words and sentences. Certain words are stressed in a certain way, so I have to hear it to pronounce it properly. Would be nice if the courses had native speakers saying the words after you click the word. I have to go to Google Translate to hear a pronunciation.