Want Old Badges Back?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone is getting tired of the :shield: icon. Yeah i get it, its a filler while they think of another “imaginative, child friendly” take on the ranks. But I dont want to be a level 14 anymore. This year has been CRAZY. With the mem trouble and trying to get rid of Ziggy. (See you never… :vulcan_salute:). But i think they’ll just bring another wierd thing back. So i just wanted to set up this poll to see what other people think…

  • Ziggy Back
  • Old Badges back e.g. Memocrat
  • Some wierd new thing
  • A “child friendly” avatar like Ziggy
  • Shields Still

0 voters

Appreiciate if you would vote :slight_smile: . ML

U spelt weird wrong :man_facepalming:
PS: Condemn Florence :cyclone: for the :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::umbrella::umbrella::umbrella:

I’ve never really taken notice of that stuff, so it doesn’t bother me.