Waar gaat ze volgende winter heen? Dutch 3

What’s with having the exact same phrase again and again with just a different country? This wasn’t even half of it! She’s going to Japan, Russia, China, Brazil . . .

Is that really from an official Memrise course? Can you share a link to the course, please?

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Hi @Lisa_Eeyore28

There are lots of community courses to choose from.

But if you want to learn several languages at once …

There are some polyglot courses but not sure it it covers those languages.

If you are after a few survival phrases, why not put them in a spreadsheet then create your own course.

It’s the Dutch 3 for English speakers course :slight_smile: Around 590 words in you just get the same phrase about 15 times just with a different country :slight_smile:

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Today’s lesson :slight_smile:

Hi DW7 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is not me who is going to all those countries, although I would love to, and I would love to learn all of those languages. I don’t think I will be going anywhere next winter due to the current state of the world :frowning:

Do you recommend any community course in particular? :slight_smile:

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Try this Polyglot search, @Lisa_Eeyore28

Memrise - Courses for English speakers

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LOL. I actually went through Dutch 1-7 (EN-NL), so I came across this myself! It’s got to be at least 3y though that I took Dutch 3. FWIW, I just looked at the course’s levels and found the phrases in question in L34:

I ignored all but two of them which is what I’d suggest you to do, @Lisa_Eeyore28!

@MemriseSupport there doesn’t seem to be a Dutch language specialist (at least not in the content group here in this forum) - could you pass on the info about this? I won’t move this thread to the course’s dedicated form thread as it’s already too crowded.

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@Lisa_Eeyore28 ,

You can always ignore the many repeats and just keep a few where you want to learn the Country’s name.

Hi @Lisa_Eeyore28,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve passed this back to the Content team.

As DW7 mentioned, if you feel like you’ve mastered that phrase now, you can always ignore them.

Kind regards,
Memrise team


Yes, I will ignore all but two of them, thanks :slight_smile:

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I would like to have this problem I am doing Dutch 2 and find the sample phrases with eclipses don’t have options to practice with ie mogen we … alstublieft

Also some require too specific entry of spaces, eclipses or !/? Doesn’t really help

It would certainly be MUCH more constructive, and not so exasperatingly boring, if there was a slight change in each phrase.
For example:
Ze ging geleden winter naar Egypte.
Ig ga volgende zomer naar Turkije.
We gaan volgende lente naar Zweden.

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