Voice recordings incorrectly using neutral tones in HSK courses

(Flautert) #1

Very often when I learn new words I get confused with the pronunciation of two-syllable words, that have the second syllable pronounced neutrally even if it is not listed as possible. I am doing HSK 5 red and blue courses, but I’ve seen in other courses too.
For example: today I learned the word zhi4du4 制度,the means system. When I heard the sound recording the zhi was pretty strong, while the du was weak and quick, suggesting a neutral tone. I checked on Pleco and in both female and male voiced the du is pretty strong, and it is not hinted that the du could be said in neutral tone.
I searched the pronunciation in Pleco and there is no zhi4du5 (I thought that they might be using the recording for another, similar word).
My question is: is this intentional? Is it ok to have the second syllable as neutral in some cases, though it is not “official”?

(Fishlytea) #2

Are you sure this isnt just an alternate pronunciation? Ive come across many instances when if the second syllable is 4th tone it can be pronounced either 4th or neutral.

(Flautert) #3

No, I’m not sure, and that is exactly what I’d like to clarify.
I checked Pleco and the alternate pronounciation was not presented for the words I checked. But maybe the neutral tone can be used even if not “official”?