Você and vocês are not formal

Você and Vocês are referred to as “formal” on the advanced course, wheras they are actually informal in Brazil, and only formal in Portugal. Perhaps someone could fix this, as it’s confusing to me. @IgCostaBR is this your domain?

Hello :slight_smile: . If you are learning the official Portuguese language course of Memrise, you can ask IgCostaBR to check this question for you. IgCostaBR is the Portuguese language specialist of the Memrise team.

Please add the course name (preferably the link too) and add the @ symbol in front of IgCostaBR’s name to contact him.

Thank you Mila. The course appears just to be called “Portuguese (Brazilian)” but I selected an advanced option and what is displayed doesn’t seem to accurately reflect a particular course. Ah yes, of course the URI will help so I’ve edited my original post with your suggested amendments and hopefully @IgCostaBR will see this.

I forgot to add in the previous post, but to make it easier for IgCostaBr and for people who have the same doubt as you, you can write all your questions about the official Portuguese course in the official topic:

[Course Forum] Brazilian Portuguese 1-7 by Memrise

So, in your next question, you can add your questions to this topic instead of creating a new one. As it is an official post, it should be better to get an answer :slight_smile:

Oh I see. What’s confusing is, as I pointed out, I selected the advanced course and there’s no mention of “Advanced” on my screen or in the forum topic, so I don’t know for sure that I’m posting in the right place. Perhaps a thought for your designers. I’ll use that for subsequent issues.

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Official Memrise courses usually have 7 sequential courses. When you create a new account, the program asks the language you want, and also whether you are a beginner or advanced.

If you choose beginner, it directs you to course number 1. If you choose advanced, it leads you to course number 4 (but of course you can choose any of them, or even a course created by a user). In your case, you are doing the Portuguese 4, which belongs to the group of advanced courses.

Link to Portuguese (Brazilian) courses:

PS: I’m not from Memrise’s team, just a regular user :wink:


Hi @Milamy.

Thanks a lot for all your help! =)

It seems @FerencCollins82 has already sent these same questions to our Course Forum, right?

I’ll take a look at their messages soon!

Thank you and have a nice day.



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Hi @IgCostaBR. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Yes, following Mila’s advice I copied the 2 threads I created into the official course page, and then asked the admin to delete these two “duplicates” but so far these are still here.

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The author of the topic re-posted his questions in the official forum of Portuguese (Brazilian), and were answered by IgCostaBR (Brazilian Portuguese Ambassador at Memrise).