Vocabulary sheet & dictionary function

Don’t know if it would be too much or difficult to realize, but having a place where you can see all your vocab for any one language/course would be nice (not just for one level of a course).

Having said that a dictionary function would be a nice bonus.

There is no such feature I’m afraid.

But FWIW, there is a way to display and start a review for a given language, across all courses (web only).
If you’re interested, use the filter drop-down on the top right and select a language:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a button appear to the left of the drop-down which you can use to start a review (I presume across all source languages, BTW, have never done this myself):

Oh, I suppose I was completely mistaken: there is a way to get all your words!
On your profile page, click the Download Personal Data button, then proceed accordingly (varies depending on whether you already requested your data or not).

The file you receive should, as far as I remember, contain all the words you’ve learned so far. Don’t recall the format though, but maybe it helps nonetheless, just give it a try …

Thanks. While I meant Decks, I didn’t know that about Memrise.

FWIW, until they really split the official courses from the community ones you will be able to download everything, that is, including the courses which now appear on Decks (as well).