Vocabulary learning without multiple choice

I’d like to use Memrise in Anki-style. No quiz, no multiple choice. Simply SRS with audio and nothing else.

Also I miss a typing only feature. So far, the experience is very poor with Memrise. It feels like an app for children. Too much bling bling, UI totally cluttered, and distractive titles of learning units.

Instead of simply naming a unit “vegetables” or “clothing” they put a long useless sentence in front of it, such as “gasoline for your vocabulary”. This is totally annoying and useless.

Also, the vocabulary is presented without any context explanation. There’s no hint if a greeting is formal or not, for instance.

And where the heck are those mnemonics they talk about in their advertising? Couldn’t find this feature anywhere.

I wanted to learn Russian, but it seems there are only 7 levels with very little vocabulary. The units are too easy, too much multiple choice, very little active learning. It is very passive and the effect of memorization is a joke. Most answers can be guessed by simply seeing the length of the presented multiple choice answers and recognizing single letters even without understanding what’s written.

Why not do it like Lingvist? The only reason I don’t use Lingvist is because it doesn’t offer my native language for learning.

Anki would be okay as SRS learning, but those user created decks are mostly bland, non-contextual and without audio.

If Memrise would ditch the bling bling UI and come up with a more active learning style as Lingvist, I’d totally be happy to get a subscription. Unfortunately it’s a joke so far. The only thing that makes it interesting is that you can listen to the pronunciation. The learning system however is a failure.

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