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There is a problem when I edit my course. It started a few days ago and didn’t stop.

There are three columns in my course : 1 Japanese, 2 French, 3 Audio, 4 a last column with explanations/hiraganas
While I am typing a new word, the “view” change, all my columns are gathered together on the left side of the screen, the rest is blank.
I attached a screenshot for you to visualise. I wanted to add 3 screenshots, but it’s forbidden for new users, so it will be more difficult for you to understand…

This what happens when I start adding a new word. As you can see, half of the screen is blank. Normally, all 4 columns are on the whole screen, not gathered together like that on one side. The worst problem is that while I am typing, it keeps going back and forth between the normal view and the abnormal view so I can hardly see what I am typing. The columns are moving aroung. It happens with every word I add.

I have created many courses with thousands of words, also in Japanese, I never had this problem before. The problem also occurs when I want to move the words up and down in the list.

My device: Windows 10 PC
My browser: Mozilla Firefox (I also tried Brave and Chrome, same issue)
My account: Memrise - Naoto (the course: “Japonais intermédiaire”, unpublished)

Hi there @Naoto,

Thanks for reporting this - we are aware of this issue (internal tracking code WEBSITE-2466) and we aim to have it fixed as soon as possible. I’ve experienced this myself so I know how annoying it is, however unfortunately I don’t have any timeframe for a fix now.

In the meanwhile, may I suggest bulk uploading items from a .csv file instead?

Thanks for your patience.



Hi Ale_c,

Thank you for your answer. I have just tried editing the course using the .csv file and it works, I’ll use that in the meanwhile.
Have a nice day and good luck for fixing the issues!

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