View a list of all words I’ve learned?

According to my profile on the iOS App I’ve learned 217 Spanish words. Where can I see them in a list (App or Web)?

PS enjoyed every minute of the course so far.

This earlier thread may help:


Thanks Namesake :grinning:
That does help.
But it only covers a fraction of what I need because:
a) the download seems to take hours (or days, or doesn’t work)
b) it won’t provide the oral pronunciation (or video), which is what makes Memrise so attractive.
I guess the answer is that Memrise doesn’t provide what I need, so I’ll have to hope that others request it, too.


No, unless they’ve changed things since I requested a download last May, the “learned items” section of the download only provides a simple list of the words/phrases learned. It doesn’t include the translation (!) or the course name, etc. When I requested my download, it arrived the following day (so the wait was not too long).

I doubt that they will provide the all-embracing facility that you are looking for anytime soon, due to resource limits (ie thousands of users, many with a significant number of courses on their dashboard and thousands of words learned). Some of the numbers on the unofficial global leaderboard are quite mind-boggling!

You never know, though. One day…


I’m not asking for much more than they’ve got already.

Just like when you click on a lesson to see a list of vocab (screenshot from iOS App) I’d like to click somewhere else (eg word count) and it shows me the accumulated list of vocabulary from all lessons. Perhaps it’s already possible but I haven’t discovered it.

They’ve already coded the difficult bit - clicking on a word in the list shows the meaning/video/pronunciation. All that’s missing is the cumulative list instead of the single-lesson list.

Ps…horrible feeling that generating the list from my profile involves manual work wasting the memrise team’s time so I definitely won’t do that once a week.

If it’s just the words (of a given/single course) that you’re after, I’d suggest to use the Memrise Utilities scripts. See this post for more information.

Some feedback…
a) I tried some of the scripts but they failed. Possibly outdated (some of the posts referenced had disappeared). I might try later to debug, but…
b) I suspect I’m not allowed to export/re-engineer Memrise’s propriety decks in the first place. Have yet to check the subscription rules.

Downloading user-data did work and appears to be fully automated so no overhead for the memrise team. But
a) words learned are not separated by language so all languages are mixed together (fit for the user-data purpose, but not mine)
b) no localization support so they appear like this: ¿dónde está el baño? (bug)
c) the words are listed without translation (as expected)

All-in-all, currently no good work-around available. But I’ll report back if I make more progress.

Honestly, I don’t think it makes sense to develop anything geared at Decks at the moment. Instead, I’d rather focus on Memrise for the time being.
As for the Memrise Utilities (and any scripts geared at Memrise): yes, due to the fact that Memrise often changes things, such scripts may simply fail to work. Thus, if a script’s developer is no longer around, you can’t really do much about it. Unless the original dev provided the source code (i. e. on GitHub and the such) and if you’re a dev with insight into the whole subject yourself - in this case you could simply take over.

I just checked: the Word List script is still working! But, depending on the size of the course, it might simply take a whole while until you see something, so just be patient and let it run for a while (if this is the script that you referred to anyway!).
I tested it on a course with >1.6k entries and it took some 10-15s for the word-list to appear.