Vietnamese for travelers

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Yikes, could not find the right category…oh well. …So, my family will be traveling to Vietnam in a couple of months, for 5 weeks. Could Memrise do a “travelers” edition? I was on my 15th or so word and bearing with learning tree, leaf, car…somewhat useful…but really, when I started on the next 5 words, learning COW really threw me out of Memrise - what about, please, thank you, numbers…really? There needs to be a traveler-focused class…thank you! I like the learning tools though,they are good.

(Baite) #2

Sorry, I am not really understanding what you mean, except that you want a ‘travellers’ edition. What do you mean by that?

Would this course more what you are looking for:’
A lot of people are studying this one.

Or this one:

(Clare Shemeta80) #3

John, what I mean is a memrise vietnamese lesson content that would help travellers get by in Vietnam.
for example, learning numbers, thank you, please, you’re welcome, how to ask for directions, etc.

Not learning “cow” and “tree” …not so useful for travelers.


Hi @Clare_Shemeta80,

Have you had a look through the course list on the website? It looks like there are several user-created courses (some with audio) that have the sort of content you are looking for. Here’s a quick link to the relevant part of the index:

If you start the course on the web version of Memrise, it will sync across to the app version.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I’m Vietnamese. You can Inbox me if you need to help in something.
I don’t know how to use Message in Memrise so let Reply me then I’ll receive email notification.

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Click on the little envelop. In the TO field you fill in the other forum user you want to message, for example: ‘John_Baite’ (without the quotes). Hope this helps.