VIDEO : Native American Languages

how can we add video for our Native American language category? at this point i have Pro membership, and i have created 4 different dialects in the Miwok Language (for California Tribes in the the United States here).

I am assuming you want to add a video to a course (or four) that you have created.

Note: This is for the web only.

Edit: I should point out that this is not like the Meet the Natives videos that have been added by staff to the official courses. AFAIK those videos can only be added by staff and they are part of the SRS testing experience, whereas these are not. These are informational only, and only on the web not the app.

Responding to:

Oh ok , yeah i thought it was an addition to the Pro user status that we get/pay for.

Meet the Natives is a Pro feature available on the apps. It is consumption only. They may open it up, to non-staff, but I doubt it. The official multi-part Memrise courses make use of these, but you may have to do a few lessons before it becomes active.

Regarding multimedia levels… anyone can add these to their own course, but they are only available on the web, and are informational only. However, they can be viewed by non-Pro users. Easy Academy courses employ a lot of these if you want to try out one of there courses, to see what they look like.