Video data use in offline courses

I’ve been a paid member for several years and have recently picked up Memrise again.

The main reason I decided to stick with the Pro account was because of offline courses as I keep a very lean mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the Genki 1 custom course for weeks now with minimal data use as it is downloaded.

I am also fairly certain the original Memrise Japanese 2 course was working in its entirety once downloaded - videos and all - 2 years ago while I was travelling overseas.

My issue is that I switched to the seemingly new and improved current iteration of the Memrise Japanese courses, downloaded the first one (Japanese 0) and was pretty damn shocked at just how much data I burnt through on my short train ride home.

I’ve done some digging in the forum’s here and found one single post that suggested that videos are not downloaded when you download a course as they are large and also that if Me rise detects an internet connection, it will try to use that connection, possibly hampering performance.

If this is the case, it severely undermines the main reason that some of use purchased Pro in the beginning.

My phone has a ton of space. Is there an option available to download THE ENTIRETY of a course so I can use it during my commute without either sacrificing content or cutting myself off from potentially important notifications and alerts by using flight mode?

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