Very Annoying Typing Bug

Whenever I do a vocab review session and start typing a Korean word, after pressing the first key on the keyboard the website automatically puts the last syllable to the previous word I typed.

For example, if my previous word was 의자 but now I want to type 사과, when I press ㅅ then 자 automatically appears. And I have to delete it before going back to typing 사과. And the cycle continues throughout the entire session.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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I have been having the same problem for over a year. I have not heard anything from Memrise support regarding this issue.

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I’ve been having the same problem. I hadn’t used Memrise in several months, but noticed several changes when I started using it again this week, one of them being the last character suddenly appearing in the next text box when I start to type which forces me to go back to delete it. This never used to happen so I’m not sure what’s changed. I saw someone mention this problem over on the Korean board too, but haven’t seen it anywhere else, which makes me think it’s specifically related to typing Korean/한글 for some reason…


I also am having this problem (sorry for the necroposting, but this is the only post on this topic I can find). I’m learning Yiddish, so it’s not just Korean (but might be related to non-Latin alphabets?). I didn’t have the bug on my Mac, but it does appear on Windows (where I’m using a Keyman Yiddish keyboard, which is different than on my Mac). I’m also using the All Typing tampermonkey script, haven’t yet tested it without that.